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Terms and conditions Dating Site Truelove-Africa.com
Dating Site Truelove-Africa.com: See Article 1.1. Hereafter mentioned as: Dating Site.
Consumer or Participants: The natural person who have a contract for a paid or unpaid membership of the Dating Site. Membership: The Agreement between the Dating Site and a Consumer.
Privacy Policy: The terms of the Dating Site with respect to processing of personal data.

1. The service of the Dating Site offers an online possibility to contact with other participants by using the matchmaking tools of the Dating site. The Dating site has selection tools to ease the matchmaking between Participants.
2. The Dating Site does not guarantee success or relationship.
3. The Dating Site is transparent about the services it offers. She gives clear information on tariffs, the automatic renewal of membership, terms and conditions of the Dating Site .
4. The Dating Site may impose additional requirements on consumers to make able use of the services. Considering requirements for the minimum or maximum age, education and desired type of relationship. These requirements will be on the Website before notice of membership. The additional requirements will be only to refine the target group and to enlarge the chance of success, a date or a match. The additional requirements may not violate these terms and conditions.
5. The following additional requirements are located on Dating Site:
- a minimum age of 18 years.
- only a single person can subscribe.
6. The ability to come into contact with Participants may be subject to conditions. For example, the term of taking a paid membership. The Dating Site informs the Consumer before entering a paid membership
7. If the service takes place on payment of Membership fees, this is based on a fixed amount for a given period or at an amount per action or a combination of this. The Dating Site provides clear information on this on her website before entering into the membership.
8. The Dating Site can not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the Participants. Participants are responsible for the information input that they make available through the Website.
9. The Dating Site is not responsible for the conduct of Participants during for example, a personal appointment in connection with acquaintance via the website.

1. The Dating Site is committed to providing services to consumers without malfunctions to expire. The Dating Site can not guarantee continued availability of the services.
2. If maintenance is made on the website, the Dating Site will do maintenance announcements in advance if possible and try to minimize the inconvenience.

1. The Consumer is not allowed to be indecent, unlawful or contrary to act or act to encourage or encourage others to be unlawful or indecent. It is the consumer or participant for example forbidden to:
- Use threatening language to other Participants or to (the employees of) the Dating Site;
- Placing unlawful or indecent texts, image and / or sound material;
- to place texts or image and / or sound material that infringes the (Intellectual property) rights of third parties.
- To use an identity of an other person for his account.
2. Furthermore, the Consumer is not allowed to:
- mentioning falsehoods in the profile;
- to seek or offer targeted erotic contact;
- fill in multiple profiles per person;
- disseminate commercial information;
- damage or obstacle to other Participants or the Dating Site;
- to do racist, discriminatoir or offensive expressions;
- display information on another user's profile in any way public
- make, multiply or otherwise (re)use third-party credentials
- sexting, it is forbidden and a crime and shall be reported to the police
- (encouraging) trafficking, it is forbidden and a crime and shall be reported to the police                                                                                   - Placing contact information such as a phone number in his account name or first messages.                                                                             3. If a Consumer acts in violation of Article 3.1 or 3.2, the Dating Site terminate the membership of the Consumer and its profile wil be directly adjusted, blocked or deleted. The Dating Site informs the Consumer of the blockade or removal, stating the reason.
4. The Consumer accepts the the above mentioned terms in article 3.1 and 3.2 of the Dating Site as reasonably
5. The moderators of the Dating Site can verify the data and behavior provided by the Consumer.

1. If the Dating Site receives a complaint about a Participant, he examines the complaint and, if necessary, take appropriate measures. The Dating Site is dedicated to remove, modify, or block participants if profiles of Consumers containing inaccuracies or are misleading or of which otherwise it is clear that they can damage or hinder others.
2. The Dating Site is dedicated to pointing out to consumers about possible misleading Participants in the dating site. The website itself mentions the risks and tips are given to prevent damage.

1. The Privacy policy describes how the personal data of the Consumers are being processed. The dating site is in compliance with the legal rules with regard to privacy and cookie legislation.
2. If there is a reasonable suspicion of violation of the rules at the Dating Site in Articles 3.1 and 3.2 and other Participants experience this (possible) violation, the Dating Site is then entitled to notify the consumer which exchanged data between participants has occured. The Dating Site works this out in the Privacy statement.

1. The Dating Site is liable to consumers for damage resulting from a failure to comply, unless this shortcoming can not be attributed to the Dating Site.
2. The Consumer is liable to the Dating Site for damage resulting from failure by the Consumer in compliance, for example as a result of violation of Article 3, unless this shortcoming can not be attributed to the Consumer.

1. A paid membership may be incurred for a certain period. At the end of this period the membership will automatically end. The Dating Site informs Consumers of renewal possibilities of the membership at the experitation time.
2. The paid Membership is cancellable by the end of the agreed period at any time withhout a notice period.
3. The (paid) membership may be terminated through e-mail and letter, mentioning [name and membership Number]. The Consumer receives a confirmation of his termination at the Dating site known email address.
4 Regardless of whether the (paid) membership has been terminated, the Dating Site deactivates on Consumer's request at all times the Consumer Profile as soon as possible. Possibly and in any event within two weeks of receipt of the request of the Consumer.
5. The Consumer has at least 14 days after entering into the membership possibility of using the right of withdrawal. If the Consumer makes use of this, but the consumer has actually made use of the paid Dating Site services, then the Dating Site is entitled to a reasonable charge for the reduced service. This amount is not higher than the subscription fee for the period of maximum 1 month. The Dating Site explicitly requests the Consumer for permission to provide services to let in before the expiration date has expired and indicates the consumer will be informed of the amount that will be charged if the consumer recalls.

ARTICLE 8 - COMPLAINT In case of complaints the Dating Site will react within 3 workdays substantively on a complaint submitted.

1. Additional provisions may not be in the disadvantage of consumers. These provisions must be recorded in writing or in such a way that the Consumers can easily be stored on a sustainable basis data carrier.
2. These Terms and Conditions can changes by time. The consumer has to inform hisselves by visiting frequently the pages of these Terms and Conditions.
3. If these Terms and Conditions do not provides in certain circumstances the Dating Site is restricted by the Dutch law and EU law.

Barneveld, The Netherlands 07 December 2022