In the Netherlands thousands of people met each other by a datingsite. I have interviewed two people, they tell their story:

Vincent tells; “I do not like long emailing. I had contact with a girl that seemed nice and I agreed quite quickly to eat together. The lady was pretty bright, at first sight, I did not find her attractive. During the date, she drank a lot of wine and while she ate something fall out of her mouth. I knew immediately, this is nothing for me. I brought her home well and had no contact. The second date was a girl who had told by email that she was a Christian. But when I talked to her, she seemed very different to looking at things than me. We did not have a click. I have not seen this girl anymore. The third date, I thought, again. And then I'm done dating. When I arrived at the restaurant, a car stopped me and Marie stepped out. She looked good. We had a very nice conversation and agreed for the second time. After a few dates, our love grew. 15 years ago we have enrolled in a dating site. At that time, that was quite exciting and not widely accepted. We both sought a nice and loyal partner, who was also seriously Christian. Finding a nice partner was never a problem, but a serious Christian well. We both did not find that in our immediate area or in the nightlife. This has been done through a paid Christian dating site. In the mean time we have been married for 13 years and have two beautiful and healthy daughters. So there is nothing crazy about a dating site, and we think it's just a very nice medium to search for a life partner.”


Claire says: "I studied psychology. During my study I met many boys students. I did not really like the students. I had been studying for so long. I was looking for a somewhat older man. Preferably a man who is handy with his hands. I enrolled at a dating site. And got in touch with a nice young man. We first emailed for a long time without seeing each other. I found that very nice. As a result, I learned to know him well and I trusted him. When we met for the first time during our first date. I felt that I knew him very well. After a few dates, I knew he was completely confident and he was very helpful! The perfect man for me. Now we have been married for a number of years. I tell my single girlfriends, go to a dating site. There you find someone."


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Edith (26): 'There, between the parakeets and the tropical fish, the spark leaped'
"My mother had a bad disease and was seriously ill, at home it was not always nice. When my mother past away last summer, I had a lot of support for John, who made sure that I did not go after her death. ended up in a depression. John took me outside, made it cozy at home and I am very grateful for that.
We have many similarities, we are both crazy about animals, We both work with animals. During our first date we went to the largest zoo in the Netherlands. For three hours we talked about everything without interruption. There, between the parakeets and the tropical fish, the spark leaped. Meanwhile we live together with our dog, cat, rabbits,  and birds. We are very happy with our love, for each other and for our animals. "

John (35): 'We are both quite clumsy, but can laugh at it’
"I had already had a few dates, but with Edith it was very different, more serious. After our first date we whatsapp each other every day, pretty soon I knew that I wanted Edith as my girlfriend. It felt equally familiar between us A month after our first meeting, we found our true love.
With Edith I can be completely myself, nothing is too crazy between us. We are both quite clumsy, but can laugh at it when another board is killed or a glass is used. We know what we have to offer each other. I have experienced the passing away of Edith's mother up close. It was a very intense and sad period, which we have come out stronger together. Edith is the missing puzzle piece in my life. My life is complete with her. "

Eveline(32): 'Fortunately, everything went well with the second pregnancy'
"During our first date we talked to a cup of tea until half past four in the morning, Peter and I both did top-class sport, that immediately created a bond, we have the same mentality and the same passionate way of thinking. I liked his profile photo, but in reality he turned out to be much more pretty.
We already marry within 1 year. Our first child died in my stomach after eight weeks. That was an intensely sad event. Such an event can cause a break, but Peter and I grew even closer to each other. Fortunately, everything went well with the second pregnancy. Our daughter Caren was born in 2012, she is really our princess.. We give each other space and at the same time we form a very close family. In Peter I really found my soul mate. "
Peter(33): 'I asked her to marry during a trip to Rotterdam'
"I asked Eveline to marry me during a trip to Rotterdam. I went to my knees and asked for her hand.
Already on the first date I knew that it was right between us, it was as if we had known each other for a long time. I had a five-year relationship and was only five months old when I signed up with a datingwebsite. After six weeks I received a message from Eveline, I immediately liked her. After the first date, we spoke more often immediately. We did fun things together and had a lot of fun. Our love felt so good that we quickly decided to live together.
 We have been together for seven years now and we have already been through a lot. Our bond is getting stronger every day.