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Online dating profile tips:

1. Give information about yourself on your profile. Go to your profile and click on 'edit profile details'. Make your profile as personal as possible. The more you show your potential match your personality, the quicker your match will send you a message. You can ask a friend or family member to help write it. Be open and show the real you!

2. Choose a nice profile photo. Pick photos that are clear, honest, recent and show you in the best light. Smile on the photo! And make sure you show your eyes. No sunglasses. People want to get to know the whole you. So post different photos. You can do this by going to your profile and adding more photos to it. Our Love Coach Josie explains in this video what the perfect first photo is. 

3. Take the lead – be proactive, sending messages and taking charge.When you start chatting don’t start with a compliment on someones physical appearance. And don't say only hi or hey. But comment on something in her picture or profile that caught your eye. For example: "I saw in your profile that you play basketball, me too! What is your favourite team?"  If a person didn't gave that much of information in their profile. Just send something like: "hey any plans this weekend?" Don’t overthink your first message.

4. Be interested in the other person. Show that you are interested in the other person. Ask questions about their hobbies, interests, life. But give the other person also the time to ask questions back. After you talked for a while you can even ask deeper questions. Like what are some bad things that happend in your life. But you have to feel when you can ask that kind of questions. 

5. Don't give your phone number. I see some people giving their phone number very quick. But we would advise not to do that. Because we have a big screening proces before approving new members to the website. We want this website to be SAFE for YOU! THat is why we advice you to first chat with people for a long time on the website. 

We give this tip so you will have a safe experience on our dating website.