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Last time Becca was going to back to the city where Chris lived; to meet with him and explain to him face to face. Chris was also going on a trip we don’t know.

What happened?

Let us continue…

Chris’ mother accompanied him and they walked talking.

Chris’ mother: my son, you are looking totally different today and you seem to be very sad. What happened to you? You made this decision to visit your aunt in Burundi without letting me know. And you don’t even know your aunt’s address.

Chris: mom, I am feeling as usual and I don’t know why you saying like that. Honestly it was in my plan to visit my aunt and I will come back with Uncle Joffre from Kinshasa.

Chris’ mother: okay. When are you coming back?

Chris: I will come with Joffre.

His mother wished him goodbye and she went back home.  As a mother, she realized that her son was not well and obviously he had no plan to go to his aunt’s. It was just because he was nervous about what happened between him and Becca. He felt like he could be relieved only if he went far from Becca. 

He took the bus and began his long journey. This happened at the same time Becca was also on bus the coming to Chris’. The two lovers were so sad and it was no longer easy for the two to sit and remedy the situation.  On the bus Becca kept calling Chris, however Chris turned off his phone due to the fact he felt like he had nothing to do with her. Becca was wondering where to start if she met him but she didn’t know that their buses were driving the same road. She said “its okay, even if he could break up with me, I will accept it as long as he gets to know the truth. I know it’s my fault but I want him to know the truth”.

Love kills softly, Chris was kind of missing Becca and thinking about her all the things they’ve been through together but he was not able to talk to her on phone. He didn’t want to hear Becca talking to him and he kept weeping all the way. He thought about how much he used to trust her but when he looked at the photos again, his heart hurt more and more.

On the bus,  a young couple sat next to him and they were talking to each other happily; sharing stories about love and different things. The girl was telling the boy how she loved a guy with all her heart and yet her partner was playing her!

The boy: so what happened after knowing that he played you?

The girl: I hated him!

(Chris was listening to them)

The boy: this is what I don’t agree with lovers. Because I know that love cannot turn into hatred if you truly love someone. You would not hate him if you loved him truly! You left him because he ruined your plan. I will give you an example, do you love yourself?

The girl: I love myself of course!

The boy: great! I think we have the same understanding then. Imagine if you go to the market to buy shoes. And then when you get there, you begin searching the good ones for you among others. And when you finally find them; you agree upon the price, then you pay and go back home with your shoes. Now you get home and find out that you’ve made a mistake the fact that one of a pair does not resemble the other. How would you feel? Wouldn’t you feel so sad?

The girl: when I make the same mistake, I would be sad.

The boy: you see, you can be sad but no one could be accused of your mistake. What would you do to yourself if you make the same mistake?

The girl: nothing. I can only try to search a shoe that resembles a pair I would like to buy.

The boy: that’s good! This is same as love. Guess why you can’t beat yourself for the mistake you’ve made. Ask yourself why you could not give yourself any punishment. Because you love yourself! In love when you make decision just to reduce your pain, you will be selfish. As I told you through that example, there should be reason why you make a mistake and take a wrong shoe. Maybe you could be in rush, or distracted, and at the end of the day you will regret your money and time due to the mistake you’ve made by choosing wrong.  Sometimes you don’t commit suicide after being sad or punish yourself in another way. However, you try something else to make yourself forget what happened to you. This is exactly how you can understand someone who played you for they could have different reasons. If you don’t give them time to explain then you are hurting them beyond you can imagine. When you are walking in the forest, you take the risk of being hurt by thorns. This is how I understand love! Often time we ignore our mistakes and blame our lovers for a little mistake.

They talked about a number of things and everything from their conversation teased him. They were like judging him. He started thinking about love and everything they talked about. Everything the boy talked about was quite common to Chris’ situation. Actually he wondered if it’s worth going away from your love as if she is your enemy.

In fact, Chris had a lot of things going on in his mind about his love but he had no strengths to speak with Becca. He had no control…wondering if she loved him and if she slept on the same bed with Glad. At the same time he was thinking that Becca was a trustworthy person but the photos and Becca’s lies proved to him that she did it. He thought about the long journey and he remembered that his phone was off and Becca could have missed him on phone. Amazing love! Chris started a war in his mind and his heart was judging him about the way he was acting through that time.

He had no idea about what to do. Allow me to come back to Becca. She was driving back to Chris’ place and finally she reached there.

On the other side, Glad was looking on his watch as if he was waiting for someone. After a little while there came Claudia from the opposite side and Glad approached her.

Glad: you are playing a death game, next time you will lose your life.

Claudia: (she laughed) you played it cool. I have received the money on time!

Glad: so give me the disk of the photos.

Claudia: here it is. Deal is done. I have seen two things in the photo. It seemed to me that you two did not have sex; secondly, Becca did not want to sleep in the hotel with you. You love Becca, right?

Glad: where did you get it?

Claudia: take advantage on Chris. Now you know Becca more than him, I bet it is almost impossible for Chris to share a bed with Becca. Don’t be young!

Glad: please help me to win her heart and when the deal is done I will give this money two times!

Claudia: really? Are you serious?

Glad: trust me.

Claudia: ok, let’s sit and I will give you an idea.

Back at Chris’ house Becca met his mother. Chris’ mother was very surprised to see her and she realized that Becca was not well at all. Becca did not hesitate to ask anything…

Becca: Where is Chris?

Chris’ mother: Becca it seems to me that you and Chris are not on good terms. Tell me the truth Becca.

Becca: I am not at peace; please tell me where he has gone. I need to talk to him right now!

Chris’ mother: I am sorry, Chris has gone to Burundi and I think he’s reaching so far right now.  And I don’t know why he didn’t let you know about this journey!

She was not able to be patient with the fact that Chris had already gone. She began to cry in front of his mother. She thought about all the times she tried to reach out to him on phone and that it was not easy for her to find him that moment. She was so sad! She cried over and over again until when she called Chris again but his phone was still unavailable. She didn’t know what to do or anything would help her to meet with Chris. Chris’ mother tried to comfort her and she was also asking Becca what happened between them and why both of them were not happy. Becca did not say anything. After a little while, Becca’s phone rang and when she looked it, she saw the name Chris….NEXP EPISODE!

Nkwibutse ko tugusoza iyi nkuru ushobora kuba wakwibonera umukunzi muberanye cg ushaka inama murukundo ndetse ushaka guhita using iyi nkuru ukayirangiza vuba wanyura kuri www.truelove-Africa.com

Duheruka becka ahisemo gusubira i kigali

agahura na chris imbona nkubone ngo

amusobanurire.Nyamara na chris yarasezeye

iwabo afashe urundi rugendo.



.Reka dukomeze.

.Chris asezera mama we arasohoka.gusa mama

we aramuherekeza agenda amubaza ati"Mwana

wange kombona noneho utandukanye nuko

nkuzi?urijimye kd ufashe umwanzuro ntarinzi

wokujya gusura nyogosenge I Burundi ndetse

ntuhazi neza!mbese sinzi!"Chris

ati"mama.ndumva meze nkibisanzwe sinzi

ibindi urikuvuga.mubyukuri gusura shangazi

narimbifite murigahunda kd nzagarukana na

oncle joffre avuye i kinshasa.!"mama we ati"ok

nonese uzagaruka ryari?"chris ati"nzazana na

oncle nyine.!"mama we yaramusezeye


. Baratandukana ariko ubona ko chris

yahindutse ntabyishimo nabike.urebye

ntagahunda nanto yarafite yokujya gusura

masenge we warutuye mu NGAGARA

Ibujumbura byose yabitewe noguta umutwe

kubwaya mafoto ya becka chris.yumvaga

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.Imodoka ayifatira nyabugogo arangije

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becka..nyamara becka we utaruzi ko agiye

kubisikana na chris yibazaga aharibuhere

asobanirira chris kd yaramenye neza ko

yamubeshye.ahagarara kumutsi arashinyiriza

ati"ntakundi naho yanyanga ariko menye ukuri!

kd sinzabimurenganiriza amakosa yose



.Urukundo shenge aho rubera urugome

rukwica dondi dondi.chris nubwo yumvaga

atakwitaba becka,ntiyariyorohewe

namba.yaramaze nokumukumbura ariko

agashinyiriza akumva ntacyo akwiye kuvugana

nawe.yatekerezaga amagambo yose baganiye

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yamwizezaga,yatekereza ukuntu byose bibaye

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.Kuntebe yagiye yicayeho yanjyanye

numuhungu wicaranye ninkumi bagendaga

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story.ntakindi bavugaga atarurukundo

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umaze kumenya ko yakubeshye byagenze bite

wakomeje kumukunda?"umukobwa ati"Oya

narazinutswe ndamwanga"chris abangura

amatwi.wamusore ati"ngiyo impamvu ituma

ntemeranya nabavuga ngo barakundana!nuko

nziko urukundo ntanarimwe rwavamo urwango

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ese urikunda?"umukobwa ati"ndikunda

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ati"mbwira kuko niweho waba wibabaje

ntamuntu numwe ubigizemo uruhare mbwira

igihano wakwifatira mugihe waba wakoze ikosa

nkiryo ryakubabaje!"

Undi ati"ntacyo ahubwo nagerageza ngashaka

za nkweto zihura"umusore ati"Voi là! ngurwo

urukundo rero ibaze impamvu utakwikubita

rero.ibaze impamvu ntagihano nagito

wakwifatira.nuko wikunda nyine

..igihe murukundo uzafata imyanzuro

ikugabaniriza ibibazo kubera wababajwe

nugukunda ibyo bizitwa kwikunda.nkuko

naguhaye urugero byanga byakunda

haricyatumye wibeshya ugafata inkweto

zidahura wenda byaterwa noguhubuka,kura

ngara,ibisobanuro byugurisha bibi.byose

byatuma wibeshya maze ugakors ikosa ryatuma

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kubakunzi bacu baduhemukiye. ahubwo ukora

ikindi gishoboka agahinda ufite ukakimara.uko

naniko uwukunda byashoboka ko aghemukira

kumpamvu nyinshi wakumva uramutse umuteze

amatwi.yumwimye umwanya ubusa naho

ushaka kuryoherwa nurukundo wenyine

ubugaragaje ko urukundo arumurambararo

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itamugeraho.uku niko nge numva

urukundo!.mugukundana ibyokwikunda

ntibyakabaye bibamo.twirirwa tubeshya

abodukunda ko tubakunda kd tutabababaza

nyamara agakosa kabo gato kakatugamburuza

.twirengagije ayacu dukora tukaniburanira."


.Bakomeje baganira byinshi nyamara

burikimwe cyavugwaga chris wabumvirizaga

yumvaga byose bimutsinda mbese yumvaga

barikumushima aho atigeraga.yumva atangiye

kwibaza.yibaza urukundo niki?asanga ahuza

nabimwe umusore yavugaga.mubyukuri yibaza

niba umuntu ahunga umukunzi cg ahubwo



Mubyukuri chris yisuzumye asanga arurukundo

rurikumusaza abona ahubwo asa nuwabuze

control.akumva ntambaraga zogutega amatwi

becka ariko nanone akumva becka arubuzima

bwe yibaza byinshi.niba koko becka amukunda

akibaza niba koko yararanye na Glad.Yakurikiza

ukuntu amwizera akumva atabikora nyamara

yamafoto nibinyoma bya becka bikamuta

murujijo.Chris hatekereje urugendo agiyemo

atekereza ukuntu yakuyeho phone akeka

kontakabuza becka yamubuze.Yoooooh

Urukundo shenge intambara yo mumutima kwa

chris yaratangiye murugendo rwagati.umutima

utangira kumushinja imyitwarire mibi ariko

ahera murungabangabo.


.Uko chris yabuze icyoyemera nicyareka!

munkundire mbazane i kigali.Becka

kumuvuduko uhambaye yasesekaye kwa chris.


.ukwasesekaye kwa Chris.mbazanye kurundi

ruhande ahantu ntazi.ndahabona Glad asa

naho haruwategereje kuko arareba kwisaha

nkuwarambiwe.hashize akanya gato Claudia

yaturutse kuyindi nguni Glad aramusatira.mug

uhura Glad yamurebye ijisho ribi ati" urigukina

umukino wurupfu ikindi gihe uzabigwamo"Clau

dia araseka ati"ukina neza kuko amafaranga

yahagereye igihe!"Glad ati"ngaho mpa memory

card iriho amafoto!"Claudia arayimuha

ati"akira game is over.gusa ayamafoto

nayabonyemo ibintu2 icyambere weho na

becka bisa naho ntakintu nakimwe mwakoze kd

mwaryamanye becka atabishaka ndetse burya

uramukunda."Glad ati"ibyose wabivanyehe?"Cl

audia at"chris nahobagira uzifatire umwana

kuko ubu niweho umuzi.chris ntawe azi kd

nokurarana hamwe na becka kugitanda kimwe

chis we bizamugora.Glad ati"Ngaho se sha

mfasha nkundane na becka nibikunda ariya

naguhaye nzayakuba kabiri.!"Claudia yitereye

hejuru ati"real?"undi ati"Cyane"Claudia

ati"Vayo twicare nguhe plan!"....wait next part.


.Twigarukire kwa Chris.becka akihagera

yasanzeyo mama we.barasuhuzanya.ariko

mama chris aratungurwa cyane.kd arebye

becka abona ntiyishimye.Becka nawe ntiyatinda

ati"Mama wambwira Chris ahari?"mama chris

ati"becka bisa naho weho na chris urukundo

rutameze neza mbwizukuri kuko amaso yanyu

arabarega!"Becka ati"Mama sintuje ahubwo

mbwira Chris arihe ndamushaka

birenze!"Mama becka ati"Ihangane niba

wamushakaga cyane.ndibaza impamvu

atakubwiye ahagiye.ubu ageze kure ajya mu

Ngagara i bujumbura!"

Becka yarikanze amarira aramutanguranwa

ntiyihangana imbere ya mama chris ahubwo

asuka amarira.atekereje ukuntu phone ya chris

ifunze akaba aribunyure ibutare iwabo

babisikanye maze induru ayihumunwa ararira

koko.mama chris biramucanga afata phone

ngahamagare chris asanga ntiriho.yibaza

icyakora biramuyobera.agerageza guhoza becka

anamubaza ikibazo gihari nyamara becka

arasiriba.muruwo mwanya igihe becka akirira

yagiye kumva yumva phone ye irasonnye

agabanya amarira afata phone ngarebe arebye

abona ni chris.......NExT PaRT