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Rebeca is a beautiful and amazing girl; she grew up in poor family that could not provide her with everything she needed. However, both of her parents were trying their best that Rebeca and her two brothers could go to school. Honestly they were not disloyal to their parents because knowledge to them was like a gift. Rebeca finished primary school with the maximum and she was admitted to a bright school called Lycéde Kigali. Her behaviors were quite amazing and she was an example to everybody including her teachers.

Rebeca was very courageous and committed in her studies that she would be able to support her parents and her two brothers, Bruno and Cedric. Her goals became her guide in her daily life. Sometimes when she caught up with bad company, she could realize that she has a family back in countryside to take care of; and that helped her to abstain from bad company.   

Now it is holiday and Rebeca went back home and she came to find out that her father was hospitalized and her mother was just looking after her sick husband in the hospital. She started complaining with her mother saying “Mama, why didn’t you tell me that my father is seriously sick like that?” “Rebeca, it wouldn’t show any difference other than making you worried and lose attention in your studies.” Replied her mother. Rebeca came closer where her father was laying and he was not moving. She turned to her mother and said “Mama, what is he suffering from?” her mother did not hold herself and she started to shed tears saying “Rebeca, your father is suffering from diabetes and it is almost impossible for him to get well.”  Rebeca was filled with sadness as she laid her head upon his father crying and wondering what would follow after her father’s death. She was deeper in thoughts that if her father dies she could not continue her school. “Rebeca, I know what you are thinking about. Please do not lose hope. We will survive and God will help us through.” Said her mother.

Later on, when Rebeca and her bothers were gathered at home, there came a messenger and he said “Your father has passed away!” they all burst into tears and all of them felt shocked and their world turned upside down. Their mother was also wondering how she would take care of those orphans; thinking about what she would feed them, and she was thinking about their future. So everybody came home for burial ceremony and that was the end of their father. After ceremony, everyone went back in their respective homes and the family stayed alone in their home.

Everything took place in the holiday. Rebeca was sitting with her mother and she said “Will I truly go back to school? Where can we get the money…and would you mind staying alone with these kids? Who would take care of them when you are not around?” “Don’t worry my daughter, now we are starting a vivid war between us and this life and we are to win. You have to study as well as your bothers. It is quite understandable that I am going to work even in your father’s place, but you will live and continue your schools.” Replied her mother.

She just borrowed some money from her neighbors that Rebeca would go back to school and eventually Rebeca was back to school….


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