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The holidays came to an end. Becca’s mother tried her best to find her school fees so that she would not drop out.  Chris was counting down the days. He was not troubled finding school fees instead he was very happy that he was going to see his lover again. He could do anything in the world to keep her safe!

The school term started and Becca phoned Chris asking when he would go back to school.

Becca: Chris when are you going back to school?

Chris: I am going on Wednesday.

Becca: that’s exactly when I am going too.

Before going to school on Tuesday, Glad drove to Becca’s house by his own car. Becca was home alone that day and she welcomed him in the house and they began to talk.

Becca: when are you going back to school teacher?

Glad: (he laughed) I am no longer a teacher, that was temporary job but it just helped me to know you!

Becca: what did you know about me?

Glad: Becca, every boy wishes to know you. Didn’t you hear people saying you are beautiful? For me, looking at you is enough! You couldn’t imagine how many time I looked at you back in school. Anyway, where are your mom and your bothers?

Becca: they are visiting my mom’s sister.

Glad: is she sick?

Becca: no, she is not sick.

Glad: ok that’s good she is not sick. I am no longer a teacher. I have a job in a certain organization right here.

Becca: oh that’s a nice post!

Glad: God’s timing is perfect. But it was not hard for me because the HR in that organization is my sister. She is our first born and I am the last born in our family.

Becca: ok. I see.

Glad: I just came over just to say something.

Becca: I am listing!

Glad: I want to tell you that you changed my life through time we spent together.  Actually, it was not easy for me to love before but you have driven my heart crazy. Allow me to be the one love…I would spend everything I have to make you happy. We could grow old together. I love you and I want you to say if you love me too.

Becca: (she was very surprised) are you my teacher or I am dreaming?

Glad: forget about everything. Love does not care!

Becca: teacher, I give you respect as my teacher, I told you that I have a boyfriend. Teta told you that Chris is my boyfriend too. I am in love with Chris! Don’t worry, a handsome guy like you who have money will find a beautiful woman you wish.

Glad: I only want you but you don’t need me.

(He immediately got up and left right away. On his way he phoned his Friend David)

Glad: hey, let’s go! My appointment is done.

(They met at a nearby hotel)

Glad: I am not good, you have to drive.

David: did she say no?

Glad: how is it possible to love someone and don’t get love in return? What is love anyway?

David: listen, love is not just pushing until the two lovers decide to kill each other, simply because they are not meant to be together in that relationship. Money and things cannot do anything for that relationship to work out. No. you cannot wish dead someone you love because they don’t love you back. That’s selfishness. Love goes where it wants.

Glad: you are right! But I don’t want to lose Becca. I feel like I will do whatever it may take to make her my wife!

David:  you see. You are selfish. You really want to be selfish Glad. Your plans are not good. You want to make yourself happy and forget the one you want to give that love. You have to consider both sides.

They journeyed talking and disputing all the way until they reached home. On the other side Chris and Becca were talking about the hours they had to be in school and they agreed upon time to be there. At home Becca said bye to her brothers. She forbade her mom from receiving any money from Glad. She told her mother “mom, if you have a problem, look up to God waiting His perfect answer”.  Her mom seemed to understand that and she accompanied her to the car station to take the bus to school. She finally arrived in school and out of curiosity; she began to look for her love…NEXT EPISODE

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