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Last time Becca was getting home but she was afraid of the person her mom was walking to the gate. Who is that person? Why was she afraid of him?

Let us continue…

Looking at that person, Becca knew him immediately and she wondered how he got to know her address. She let them pass by and she went home. She asked her bothers…

Becca: who is that guy who was here?

Cedrick: he has been talking with mom saying that he knows you. That he was your teacher.

Becca: how did he get over here? Who directed him to our house?

Cedrick: he said he had an appointment with someone here. So he asked people where you live and they directed him but I don’t know someone told him your address.

Becca’s mother came back and the first thing she saw at that moment was the dressing on her elbows.   

Becca’s mother: I heard an accident happened, were you on the same bus?

Becca: yes, I was there but I am alive!

(Out of curiosity she asked about the guy came to their house)

Becca: how did Glad get over here?

Becca’s mother: he is kind guy! I am surprised to hear that he is your teacher. But he looks like your schoolmate! He said you are so smart and you show a good character at school.

Becca: mom, is that the answer I wanted to hear? How did he get over here?

Becca’s mother: you are asking like you guys have a complaint against each other. He said he is your teacher and he wanted to know where you live. He had an appointment here and fortunately he has got a job in MINAGRI and often time he will be working here.

(Becca did not make it a big deal and she went in her room. After that, her phone rang and it was Chris. She took the phone)

Chris: honey, have you arrived home?

Becca: yes, I have arrived very recently. What about you?

Chris: I am nearly reaching home. So I wanted to check on you, will get back to you when I reach home.

Becca: ok, thanks.

The holidays spent well for Becca. She was not stressed out. She would often help her mom in household activities and when she had time she could be talking with her lover. However, it’s not always good, in the middle of holidays, her brother got sick and it became so serious and they transferred him to another hospital.  During that time Becca was the one to take care of him. She was very stressed out due to the fact that they started running out of money. She could not be able to take her lover’s call and sometimes her phone was off. Actually it wasn’t because she didn’t want to talk to him but she was very anxious for her family; the money was increasing everyday and some other stuff could not allow her to spend some time on phone. But this was amazing love, one day she took the phone and talked to Chris for about an hour because they both missed each other.

Chris:  do you still love me the same?

Becca: (she laughed) don’t make me laugh Chris! Do you think I love you like that? I will love you forevermore. I miss you every day and I am hoping for the day we shall meet back in school.

(Becca was so strong, she didn’t even know that she would get the money for the next school term but she was hoping to go back to school after the holidays)

Chris: Becca, I just hung your photo everywhere in my room, you have become one member in my body. Otherwise I have no words that can express the way I miss you!

They talked about a number of things and of course there was love.  No one could hide anything from another in love. 

As the days went by, Becca’s brother started to make a recovery but Becca was wondering where they would find the money to pay the hospital. Fortunately Bruno her brother made a full recovery and he was released from the hospital. Becca was very worried about the money and immediately her mom came with all the money they were supposed to pay and went back home.

(When they reached home Becca did not hesitate to ask her mom where she got the money from)

Becca’s mother: your teacher Glad gave me the money. He saw me walking in the street nervously and stopped me and asked me what was happening. I told him about the problem I have with the hospital. He said he was on way to Kigali but he would love to help. He wrote me a cheque and he gave me so much more than we needed.

(Becca was very angry at her mom and she asked her to talk privately. They just moved a little bit away from her brothers)

Becca: mom, is Glad dating you?

Becca’s mother: how dare you to say that?

Becca: sorry for being mad at you mom…but Glad’s money shall not be in vain. Someone will have to pay for it.

Becca’s mother: did I have choice? Can you take back your brother to the hospital so they give you back the money to give it to him? It looks like you don’t love your brother and of course you cannot love him like me who went in labor for him.

Becca started cooling down and she stopped complaining with her mother. She went back in the house and she came to realize that she was blaming her mom. Her mom had no other alternative. It made her disappointed and she felt like she had to study hard to bring changes in her family. She wanted to avoid the life that has no choice and purpose.  Sometimes she could sit with her brothers and tell them that they all had to strive to live a good life; not just to live anyhow! She told them that they were a symbol of their father’s name and she would help them to achieve their life goals and that her heart was on them every step of the way. She said “if we come together we will accomplish more!”

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