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Hey you searcher for true love!

This blog will give you someinside tips about how to upgrade your persona profile on our dating website. How to attract a person of the opposite sex and how to start dating that person. I did all the research for you! So, sit back, read this blog andbecome an expert in the love world. 

Today we are going to talk about photos! "A picture is worth a thousand words" is a well-known saying in the English language. And it is! One single picture can encourage someone to start a conversation with you. Or they choose someone else. So, read these following tips carefully!

First photo: headshot.

The name says it all, it is a picture of the head. And maybe some shoulders. 

Your first profile photo should be a photo where you look directly into the camera, andsmile!

Smiling is very important; it show that you are an approachable person.

Choose a simple background, stand under natural light and for women: don't wear too much make-up, when you normally wear make-up, keep it natural. 

DON'T: wear a cap, sunglasses or look into the camera with a stone cold face. 

But I look cool with sunglasses? Remember: eyes are the windows to the soul! Even on pictures. Don't you want your perfect love to know who you really are?

DO: show who you are! If you have curls, let those curls out. You normally wear glasses? Own them on the camera! Show that you love yourself, the other person will love that about you!

Do you need more personal help to improve your skills in dating? Send an email to: lovecoach@truelove-africa.com or send a text message to this account: olivier. 

Big love,

Moderator truelove-africa.com

Love Coach Josie

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helene VIP

Ibinyamakuru rubuga byerekeye urukundo

Gukundana online urubuga truelove-rwanda.com ni ugukundana binyuze kuri mudasobwa. Biba byizewe neza kuruta uko bisanzwe bigenda mu buzima busanzwe.

1.       Kugabanya urwikekwe

 Gukundana kuri interineti (online) bukuraho urwicyekwe rwinshi. Cyane cyane ku bantu bakunda kwitinya, guceceka cyane cyangwa bafite ubumenyi budahagije mu bijyanye no kwisanzura, uku ni ukurema gushya. Twongeyeho kandi ko binoroshye cyane: si ngombwa ngo ubanze wambare neza, ushobora no kubikora wiyicariye ku ntebe yawe mu rugo, cyangwa wiyambariye imyenda yo kurarana icyo gihe ushobora kwishakira ukubereye ntakabuza.

2.       Guhitamo birafunguye

Uburyo bwo gutangamo abakeneye abakunzi buraguye, hari abantu benshi bashaka abakunzi kuri interineti (online). Kandi hari abantu bahagije nabo bakeneye abunganizi. Ikirenzi kuri ibyo,nuko ushobora kwizera ko abakeneye abakunzi bari ku urubuga mpuzabantu nka truelove-rwanda ari abashaka umubano ndetse nabo ntabakunzi bafite.

3.       Mugomba kubanza kumenyana mbere na mbere kuri ‘Online’

Gushaka umukunzi kuri interineti (online) ni inzira nyakuri yo kubasha kumenyana uko mushaka ubwanyu. Ntabwo mugomba kubanza guhura bisanzwe hanze ya interineti, ahubwo icyiza nuko mugomba kubanza kumenyana birambuye mbere yuko muhura amaso ku maso. Mu gihe mumaze kwiyumvanamo, mushobora gupanga noneho guhura byukuri hanze ya interineti nukuvuga bitari online.

4.       Gushaka umukunzi kuri interineti bigerwaho

Gushaka umukunzi kuri interineti bigerwaho, tugendeye kubushakashatsi bwakozwe: 1 muri batanu 5 yabonye umwunganizi binyuze kuri interineti (online) mu myaka icumi ishize! Ese nawe urashaka umukunzi, ariko se, uracyashaka umukunzi kuri interineti (online)? Biroroshye, rema ifoto ndangwamwirondoro (profile photo) nziza maze ubone umumaro wo gushakira umukunzi kuri interineti.

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helene VIP

Love languages

You just get to know each other and are in love, everything seems to go by itself. We show our love and feel that of the other, together you sit on a pink cloud. But after a while the infatuation disappears and the differences between them become clear. It seems as if the other person shows his love less to you. Where he first put the garbage bag outside, you now have to whine and she is less likely to need to touch. 

It can then seem as if the love is over and that sometimes leads to a divorce. But you do not have to divorce if you decide to actively love each other. Because often we love each other, but it seems like the love you show does not arrive or that you can not notice it from the other person.


We sometimes have to make an effort to find out which language of love the other speaks. This means: to deepen our understanding of how the other person feels loved and show our love in this way. According to writer Gary Chapman, there are 5 languages ​​of love: 

1. Positive words

For example, positive words can take the form of compliments, encouragement, confirmation, recognition, reassurance. But also by showing your gratitude.


2. Spend time together

Giving time and attention to each other is also possible in many different ways. This can mean that you go on holiday together, enjoy a meal or a performance or concert. But it is also possible to have a good conversation or play a game together on the couch. Important here is that you have real quality time and are therefore fully present for each other, so just put your phone away!


3. Gifts

Everyone likes a gift, they do not have to be expensive gifts. And you should not see it as a way of redeeming love. After all, it is not about the amount of money that the gift costs, but about a gesture that you think about the other person.


4. Physical touch / physical contact

We may then think of sex, but showing love through physical contact can also come in the form of a hug, a caress, to each other or grab each other's hand when you are in company.


5. (Practical) help

This language of love consists of being ready for each other by doing things for the other. People who speak this language are helpful, they catch you when you have a hard time with a listening ear, you help with practical chores such as help with a move or by joining you in an exciting conversation with the doctor.


Check with yourself, which language of love is most important to you? What makes you feel most loved? You can also reverse the question: when do you feel most hurt, what language of love is missing? This way you find out what your mother tongue is.


Do you also have an idea of ​​the mother tongue of your partner or new date? It is useful to see in advance whether you speak the same language. Then it is easier to show your love later in the relationship. Love is something you do for someone else. It is a choice and you do not have to wait for the other person to start with it. Choose to actively show your love in the language of your partner and keep your relationship alive!


helene Dec 19 '17 · Comments: 1