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Last time Becca was going back at home yet she was very surprised by someone who answered her mother’s phone!

What happened?

Let us continue…

Becca on phone was told that the owner of the phone was at the police station. She trembled with fear wondering what happened to her mother but she couldn’t know until she got home.

Chris’ mother on her way back was trying to know clearly what caused both Chris and Becca to be sad. However, Chris did not tell his mother the truth; he chose to lie to her due to the fact that he didn’t want to explain everything about the night Becca slept at the hotel knowing that his mother would take it wrong! He did it for the sake of his relationship with Becca. When they reached home, Chris went in his room and began to review the photos in the way that shows that he was satisfied with Becca’s explanation. He put himself in Becca’s shoes and came to the realization that Becca was not worth the blame for what happened. He thought that Becca was not supposed to tell him what she was going through that night. Immediately there came an idea in his mind about writing a good message to her, just to let her know that he was proud of her and that he was ready to listen to her anytime. Here’s the message he sent to her “Honey, now I have a proof in my heart. I no longer doubt about your true love for me. I know for fact that you love me and I consider it as a great heritage that I will pay with my love as well as listening to you in every circumstance. I love you and I can risk my life if my blood could be the last proof of my love for you Becca”.

The message was delivered to Becca’s phone on the bus. she grabbed the phone and read. Although she was worried about her mother, she read such wonderful words from Chris and she smiled happily happy as she was saying in her heart these words “At least I have what I can boast in middle of people. Chris is my true love” she made a decision right away that she would never in a million years do something that could hurt Chris! Finally, she arrived home. She was in fear thinking that her mother had committed a crime. You know what happened? She was surprised to find her mother at home cooking for her brothers. She greeted her and his brothers!

Becca: mom, who terrified me that you are at police station?

Becca’s mother: yes, it was true. When I finished my job this afternoon they called me to go back at work. There has been a spate of robberies at the store I am responsible for, so I was also suspected and I was under investigation and I was supposed to be there while the investigation was going on. They took our phones so that we could not mess up with investigation, that’s when you called and it was answered by one of them. I was acquitted of robbery and came back home.

Becca: Praise God for that!

Becca’s mother: you are going to tell me where you have been and I will need a clear explanation!

(Becca asked her mother to have a private conversation in her room)

Becca: mom, I want to tell you the whole truth about what happened between me and Chris whom I showed you when you came to see me at school. I have someone I love and his name is Christian (Chris). I love him so much and I think I want to spend my life with him. Very recently there happened something which was not good for our relationship. Someone took photos of me when I was with Glad in a hotel. This made Chris so sad and I decided to go at his place to remedy the situation between me and him.

She told her mother everything and Becca’s mother did not take it for granted. She heard everything about their love and she was satisfied with the way Becca explained it clearly and she became aware of their amazing love! She also thought about how Becca did her best to come back at home on time, she thought about all the plans she was making with Glad and she came to realize that she could affect her daughter with her wrongdoings. She thought about each and everything she was going through with Glad and she said these words.

Becca’s mother: Becca, to be honest, does Chris love you?

Becca: mom, I am not able to see in his heart, I know for fact that he loves me so much and what matters is that I love him. He is my happiness. Honestly, we love each other!

Becca’s mother: well, that’s good! But I want you to make sure that you are doing the right thing. I don’t want to die of sadness of your wrong choice. You know how much I value being with you and don’t forget that you are an example to your two brothers!

Becca assured her mother that she would do her best to achieve her goals and that she would never think of cheating on her lover. On the other hand, Becca’s mother found out that Becca had her own rights to choose whoever she wants. Again, she thought about how she would explain that to Chris and how Chris would take it but she had no other alternative by the way. Obviously Becca’s mother had a lot of things going on in her mind.

After the hard time Becca and Chris went through, they started over and they kept visiting each other throughout the holiday. It seemed like nothing had even happened before and they kept enjoying their love. Amazing love, the world was just like a heaven to them. They cared about nothing except happiness they wanted in love! They could sometimes sit together and thought about the first time they met, and the way they fell in love and they realized that they met for God’s plan! Obviously they were supported by several people and everybody believed the relationship to work out. Becca’s mother had just cooled down and let them with their stuff. Every time when Chris went at Becca’s, he was welcomed and her mother was proud of them. Becca’s mother took into consideration all the way Chris was coming from and it proved to her that Chris would truly love her daughter. All these things pushed her to give them space because she knew that she would trust them.

However, while everything was going well with them, Glad was away attending a certain training in Belgium. Meaning there should not arise some problems between them because Claudia did not do anything. But when Glad came back, he was promoted at his work. Most of his colleagues began to ask him why it was so hard for him to get married but still Glad’s eyes were on Becca, Becca’s heart was on Chris.

After that, it was time when they were about to go back to school. It was good time for them to spend most of their time together. During this time Becca was waiting for her mother to give her school fees but her mother seemed to have nothing to tell Becca. She kept telling her that it was still early. But that’s not the way it was; there was another plan behind that. Later in the afternoon, Glad called Becca’s mother to meet up with him and after work she went down to see him. Glad was also on his way from the city. They met at a nearby hotel at her place and they talked about a number of things.

After meeting with Glad, Becca’s mother came back at home but she was not the same at all. She told Becca that she’s got something to tell her.

Becca’s mother: I want to tell you something and whether you like it or not, you will have to do it because you have no choice and you have to accept!

(Becca did not understand what her mother was talking about and she thought that her mother was drunk)

Becca: mom, what are you talking about?

Her mother did not say anything instead she remained silent and went in her room to sleep. In the morning, Becca woke up doing some things at home, and later in the afternoon her mother sent her shopping at high street. When she tried to ask her anything about school as the school term was quite near, she told her something that Becca was not expected to hear. Becca became so angry and when her mother realized that, she cooled her down and promised to let her know when she came back at home.

Becca respected it and left but she kept thinking about what she was told by her mother all the way. She bought all the things she was told and she turned to go back at home. When she got out of the shop, there came a van in rush and a couple of guys took her inside and she was kidnapped…NEXT PART.

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Last time Becca was done explaining to Chris what happened and then Chris deleted all the photos from his phone and he was willing to let her know his decision.

What happed?

Let us continue…

Chris: after hearing what you have said and looking at the photos, I want to let you know my decision from my own understanding.

(Becca realized that what Chris was saying sounded weird in her mind and she became aware of what he was gonna say)

Becca: I am listening!

Chris: I want to begin with these photos. According to what you have said about them, it is obvious in your eyes that even though you shared a room with Glad, I know that you didn’t lie to me intentionally as you mentioned in conversation. However, allow me to tell you one thing, I don’t want to live a life that doesn’t trust you; I don’t want you to lie to me anymore. You made a good decision to come to my house before my reaction, this proves to me that you are honest and no one can accuse you of what happened. I could be making unfriendly decision if I say that you did it out of your plan. Honestly, honey I forgive you for telling lies and that it wasn’t your intention by the way!

Becca was kind of dreaming. She turned around slowly and looked at Chris with happiness. She looked at him for a little while and she laid her arms around his neck as she stood up.

Becca: Chris, am I forgiven now?

Chris: yes, I forgave you!

Becca: Chris, I swear to God that I can never cheat on you. Forget about it. I can never and I will never dream of making the same mistake. I love you and I couldn’t be able to hurt you intentionally! Anyway, you were so angry at me, do you still love me like before? I want you to be honest with me.

Chris: Becca, please don’t take me back, I love you! I was mad and I couldn’t realize what I was doing with love. When I was on the bus to Burundi there was a couple besides me. They were talking about love story, honestly the advice the guy was giving to the girl remained in my heart. I love you and I won’t be selfish in this love. You are the most valuable part in my life. I am ready to do anything possible for you. Frankly, you are the source of my happiness and I couldn’t live a life without you. I know that whenever I do something that pleases you, it makes me happy too.

Becca: Chris, I guess the story you heard from them was incredible!

Chris: of course it was. The story the guy was telling his girlfriend about true love had encouraged me and I changed my mind straight away! I got off the bus and called you.

Becca: so I want you to tell me about kind of story!

(This is a true story)

Chris: ok, here’s the story. (Remember that the guy was criticizing the way nowadays love which he said is selfishness!) The guy told his girlfriend these words “once upon time there was a loving couple. Both of them loved each other so much and it was clear to everyone. Later on, the country was in the time of war between Christians and Muslims in England and the man was sent to the battlefield to fight for his people. In the middle of fighting, the man was caught and taken to the king as a captive. The king asked his soldiers to kill him but the man cried so much for the mercy. The king asked him why he was crying as if he didn’t know the instructions of war. The man said, ‘I am not sorry for myself, I am very sorry for my wife who is still young. I love her so much and it saddens me that she will be a young widow when I die.

The king: Does she love you?

The man: Yes, she does. 

The king: Because you said that, I am going to test if your love is true. Write her a letter asking her to cut off her right hand and send it back to us, and if she does it I will let you go back home and spend your life with her!

The man wrote the letter and sent to his wife. When his wife saw the letter, she decided to cut off her right hand and sent it back to her husband. The king was very surprised! He kept his word and released him to go back home. He went back home and spent a happy life with his wife.”

Becca: wow! Such an amazing story!

Chris: I will love you likewise. I want to trust me. So that is the story that is likely to come back in mind and I can relate to the fact that in relationship you have to trust your partner.  Imagine how this man trusted his wife and she didn’t hesitate to cut off her hand. She would find another man and forget about his husband but she was willing to rescue her husband from the king’s bondage. She didn’t think of herself, she was not selfish. She did the right thing. 

Becca: I think every lover should have this perception and get rid of hypocrisy!

In the room, Chris’ mother was not asleep. She came in the living room and found them laughing. She didn’t laugh with them but she turned to her son.

Chris’ mother: Chris, if you ever make Becca sad again, I will not allow you enter my house.

(Chris and Becca laughed at the same time)

Chris: mom, how do you know that Becca did not hurt me?

Chris’ mother: she came all the way from south; do you think I am a stupid? Take what I have said into consideration!

Chris: I got you mom. I will never do that.

While Becca and Chris were restoring their relationship, at Becca’s house, her mother got back home and she didn’t find her there. She asked Becca’s brothers if Becca was at home and they said no. she didn’t make it such a big deal and in that moment, she received a message in her phone from unknown number saying “Becca has become a prostitute in the city and the proof is that when she comes back home, she will tell you lies” Becca’s mother felt like she was dreaming and called that number but it was unavailable. She called Becca but she didn’t answer her phone.

Becca was saying goodbye to Chris and his mother the fact that she didn’t notice that her phone was ringing.  They accompanied her as they were both laughing with joy. Becca and Chris were on speaking terms with each other. When Chris and his mother went back home, Becca grabbed her phone and called her mother to let her know that she was coming back home. The phone got through and she was surprised for the person who answered the phone and the words she was told!

Who answered the phone? What did they tell Becca? NEXT PART!

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Last time Becca was so sad after realizing that Chris had gone to Burundi. Chris’ mother was very confused about was happening. While both of them were in that state of sad, Chris called Becca on her phone.

 What happened?

Let us continue…

Becca stood still and she stopped crying and turned to Chris’ mother…

Becca: Chris is calling!

Chris’ mother: ok answer the telephone.

(Becca’s voice was not good but she tried to cool down)

Becca: hello!

Chris: please I want to meet you; I am at your place now. How can we meet?

Becca: (she started to cry again) why did you turn off your phone Chris?  How could you leave me that way?

(Chris’ mother was totally confused and she couldn’t understand what they were talking about. She was feeling pity for Becca)

Chris: I want to meet you. That is what matters the most!

Becca: I am at your home with your mother now. I just came to explain everything to you.

(Chris’s mother grabbed Becca’s phone and said to her son that “Chris I want you to come back at home right now. This is an order”)

His mother asked him to come back but Chris was also very weak and he decided to come back home. He took his phone again and called Becca.

Chris: honey, I am coming back for you.

Becca: thanks. I am waiting for you.

She cooled down but due to the fact the she cried so much, she was giving a loud hiccup! (Amazing love).  As a mother, Chris’ mother realized that Becca was so tiring and she asked to take shower and rest  while she was waiting for Chris to come back. She did it and she fell into a deep slumber. At the same time she was full of thoughts about what happened and how she would explain it to Chris.  Obviously, Chris’ mother was fond of Becca. She began to prepare something to eat for her!

On way back Chris was also thinking a lot about how Becca made decision to come at his home to give him an explanation. Remember, Chris turned off his phone and later on he realized that he was also not perfect. He kept thinking all the way back what Becca had done that could not be forgiven. He came to the realization that he couldn’t have behaved that way toward Becca. He remembered the story he heard when he was on the first bus going to Burundi; that if you can’t give your partner time to explain, then you are selfish. He thought that it was not a good idea to refuse to talk to Becca and took his way. He said to himself that he was going to listen to her and compare her explanation with the photos. However, remember that all of these things Becca and Chris were going through are the consequences caused by Glad and Claudia. Becca and Chris had no hand in it.

What about Glad and Claudia? Last time Glad was asking Claudia to help him fall in love with Becca and he would give her a lot of money after the deal. Claudia was a money lover and she kept saying  

Claudia: let us sit and make some plan. I will pay the bill of what we’re gonna take in the restaurant!

Glad: so tell me what I can do to win Becca’s heart.

Claudia: it is very easy now since Chris has all the photos. I know they are not going their separate ways but if one of them makes another mistake, will bring a bad spirit in the midst.

Glad: (said fearfully) you see what you have done to me? All the mistakes will be placed upon me when Becca sees the photos.

Claudia: do not lie to her. You have to tell her that it’s me who did it and she will continue to trust you.

Glad: that’s okay!

Claudia: I know that none of them is happy now. They are still so sad these days so we actually have to cause them another trouble!

Glad: please get to the point.

Claudia: I want to think about something that Chris can do and hurt Becca so much and you will take advantage while they are not on good terms. I have a person who knows Chris very well. He will help me through and I want to assure you that within a few days you will see the result and pay me my money.

Glad: what are you going to do?

Claudia: leave it in my hands. I know what hurt girls the most. I don’t want Chris and Becca to be together either.

Glad: but why don’t you like them?

Claudia: honestly, I don’t like them and the way they seem to be better than others!

Glad: maybe you don’t like them, but obviously, these two persons are very kind and friendly. I would make both of them my friends but I love Becca so much!

While they were planning, Becca was also about to wake up at Chris’ house. She got up and came in the living room but Chris’ mother was not inside. She picked up her phone to call Chris but before the phone got through Chris arrived at home. Chris looked at his beautiful lover in her mother’s clothes. Becca looked at Chris’ eyes with love even though there were so many problems between them. She took his luggage as she was one of the households and kept it. She came back and hugged him gently without making any sound and tears began rolling down her cheeks. None of them said anything as they were hugging but after a little while they sat down. Becca wiped tears from her eyes and cooled down. Chris’s heart was beating and he was kind of having nothing to tell Becca. In that moment Chris’ mother entered the house and said

Chris’ mother: Chris, you are here already? When have you gotten up Becca?

Becca: Chris has arrived very recently and I just got up few minutes before he got home.

Chris’ mother had prepared a good meal for them. They ate together and after eating Becca washed the dishes. Chris’ mother was tired and she told them that she wanted to take a nap. She left them talking in the living room. Immediately Chris approached Becca and took his phone out of his pocked and said

Chris: I want to match the photos with your explanation and the lies you told me the night it happened.

Becca saw the photos and she became speechless when she saw herself on one bed with Glad. She didn’t cry anymore but she chose to tell him the truth of what happened.

Becca: Chris, I am very humbly in front of you now.  I consider you as my future husband. I am going to tell you the truth then accepting and forgiving are in your hand.

Chris: tell me, I have come back to hear from you.

Becca started with when Teta was sick before they left school (in episode 14). She told him about what happened when she reached the bus station that she couldn’t find a bus due to a large number of students who were there. And how she met with Glad who gave her a free ride and the car was broken down on the way. She told him everything happened that night. She told him that she decided to sleep in hotel but she didn’t realize that the hotel ran out of the rooms, only one room was not taken and Glad asked her to sleep together with in that room which was remaining.

Becca: to be honest, I refused because I didn’t want to share a room with him.

Chris: who paid hotel?

Becca: Glad paid everything.

Chris: then what happened after sleeping in same room?

Becca: I chose to spend a night sitting down on floor but when I fell asleep Glad took me up on the bed, I want to be honest with you that nothing happened intentionally and Glad did not dream of touching until morning.

Chris: so if it was not your plan, why did you lie to me?

(She remained silent for a little while)

Becca: actually put yourself in my shoes. Would you tell me the truth if it happened to you at that moment? I thought I would tell you the truth after getting out of it peacefully. I didn’t want to make you crazy. I know that if I told you the truth, you would do the impossible to remedy the situation. I thought you would come all the way from your house to see me which was not good. To be honest, I chose to tell you lies for the sake of your security.

(After Chris had heard the truth, he thought about it and turned to Becca)

Chris: who do you think took the photos?

Becca: I think this was planned and organized by Glad but he is defeated.

Chris: does he date you?

Becca: no. he said he loves me and I told him I love you!

(After hearing all explanation, Chris deleted all the photos and said)

Chris: after hearing from you and all that you have explained to me, with my own understanding I want to tell you my decision. NEXT PART