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Let us continue…

Last time the gun was hid in Chris’ bag and the teachers entered the dormitory and classrooms to check up. What happened thereafter?

Vicky and Shema were still in the dormitory. And when they wanted to get out, they faced with their teachers coming towards their room. They were so scared!

Vicky:  it may happen that they have realized that somebody has a gun in this school and they are checking up the rooms. And if they find out that the gun is ours, we will be in trouble.

Vicky ran so quickly and took the gun from Chris’ bag as he was looking for somewhere else to hide it. Obviously he seemed to know every place in the dormitory and he climbed over the ceiling to hide it there.

Shema:  where did you hide it?

Vicky:  you know what? We need to be sleeping to bewilder them; otherwise we could have no excuse why we do not want to go to the school assembly.

They kind of started complaining as they punched each other. And when the teachers entered their room, they found them fighting and they settled that dispute.  They began to check all around the room but they didn’t find anything. They also did the same in girls’ dormitory.  One of the teachers looked suspiciously at Vicky and Shema and said “Sit down and explain what you have been doing alone in the dormitory”

Shema: I was feeling so sick and after a few minutes I saw Vicky coming back in the room and he started shouting at me that I am not sick as he grabbed my blankets, and I decided to wake up to fight with him.

Teacher: you are lying, how come the sick can fight? He asked Vicky “what brought you back in the dormitory?”

Vicky: I just came to ask him my notebook and he said he had already given it to me. To be honest I couldn’t understand that and I kept on asking him and he started to fight.

Head teacher called them to come in his office and he asked the teacher to beat them.


On outside Becca was standing on the line with her fellow student but she was still curious to see Chris. Chris was standing on the line next to Becca and every time she had the chance she could sometimes look at him.  The students were asked to enter their classrooms. In the office, Shema and Vicky were still being beaten but they didn’t say anything.  Later on, Head teacher asked to let them go as there was no evidence that they had the gun. Vicky and Shema went back in their class but they were badly hurting.

Vicky and Shema started to make a plan to take the gun out of the dormitory. Shema took the gun out of the ceiling and they threw it into the toilet and they felt relaxed.

One day, in classroom Chris was sitting with his friend Aime in free time.

Aime: when shall we have a school party again?

Chris: I don’t know because they use to invite me.

Aime: you made it last time man, I was looking all around and the girls were crying because of you.

Chris: stop lying; I am not Michael Jackson who used to make everyone cry when he was singing.

Aime: you are very talented even though you like to behave in different way. I wish I could have your talent; maybe the girls would admire me the same way.

Chris: But why couldn’t I see that?

Aime: you are always kind of shy; you couldn’t see it. You don’t see what you have until it is gone!

Chris: I am not shy man, but I don’t like to lie that I love a girl that I am not interested in and break up with her tomorrow. Or use this talent to deceive girls who came to study. I am waiting for the one who will attract my feeling and who will help me to plan for the future projects. Therefore, I am not in a good position to date a girl.

Aime: meaning you have never loved a girl at your age?

Chris: I didn’t take my time to love someone the way I feel that I am seriously in love with a certain girl. Most girls are my best friends and they already have boyfriends!

At that moment when they were talking, there entered a girl in their class. It was Becca. She came towards them and she sat on their desk besides Chris. They kept quiet as soon as they saw her coming towards them. She greeted them. Chris and Aime were looking at each other.

Becca:  why didn’t you guys go out for break?

Chris: no, we have free time in this hour.

Becca: Chris, I was very curious to see you in personal. For me you are a star, because of the way you sang in the school party.

(In the meantime Aime pinched Chris to make him aware of what she was talking about.)

Chris: thank you!

They both stared at each other and did not get something else to talk about and when Becca was about to leave Chris said “What is your name?”

Becca: my name is Becca Mutoni.

Chris: I think you know my name. Here’s my colleague. His name is Aime.

Becca: I am so glad to get to know you two, especially to see Chris in personal!

She waved to them and they waved back to her.  They started laughing as soon as she left them.

Aime: you are so shy in front of girls! Why didn’t you have anything else to say?

Chris:  and what did you say? At least I dared to ask her name!

Aime: you can’t talk nonsense with that girl. I can honestly say that she is the best in this school.

Chris: you can be surprised if I tell you that I don’t even know her class!

Aime: don’t be stupid man, that’s how girls communicate!

After the break time, the students came back in their classrooms. The discipline master came very quickly calling Becca “Your parent needs talk to you on the telephone” Becca came out of the class and picked up the phone and it was not her mother as he expected but it was someone else saying “Becca did you know that your mother….!” The telephone got cut off. NEXT PART..

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N.B: In this story Rebeca is abbreviated as ‘Becca’ we are going to be using that abbreviation.

Last time there was a guy that awakened Becca’s emotions and Becca was wanting to look at that guy clearly and yet something exploded in the hall before she came closer to him.

What was that explosion?

Let us continue...

As soon as Becca and Teta approached that guy called Chris something exploded in the hall and all the students rushed outside.  They were all scared and it resulted from a lot of disorder. Becca was not able to look at Chris and they all hustled into their rooms. The school leaders came in to figure out something that exploded in the hall and to make sure if no student was hurt. After checking they came to find out that no one was hurt but they couldn’t be able to find what exploded there and they did not take much of their time.

In the room, Becca and Teta kept on talking.

Teta: My heart is still beating. I am wondering how we were going to die!

Becca: I just thought that it was gun shot and it just stopped me from taking a look at Chris.

Teta: Obviously you are impressed by Chris. I don’t like him because he knows that he has such a beautiful voice and that’s his weapon to show off. And it just gives him a feeling that every girl here must love him without any hesitation. I wish you could know how Vicky is cool and humble. Everyone can love him.”

Becca: It’s up to them. No one can love you unless you impress them and you cannot be respected while you disrespect yourself!

Teta: I do not support someone who is arrogant like Chris anyway!

Becca: Please I want to sleep to get rid of my worries, I am kind of worried about what happened.

On the other side of the dormitory, there were also two boys talking beneath blankets. That is Vicky and his friend Shema.

Vicky: I hope that nobody has realized what happened.

Shema: Nobody!

Vicky: but are you crazy? How could you bring that gun in school?

Shema: do not try to deny me Vicky. I told you that it was not my intention to bring it in school. I met a friend who is a policeman and he asked me to help him with the gun because he wanted to steal it so that he could sell it and he said he will give me some money too.

Vicky: and how could you ever think of shooting in the air?

Shema: Remember, I was on mission to provide you security and when you were singing that girl was not really interested in the music. Her name is Rebeca. As soon as Chris took the floor, she was very interested in him and she started cheering for him. And when the party was over, Teta and Rebecca were going to see Chris. Why I decided to cause troubles is so that they could not talk to Chris.

Vicky: How crazy you are! I only told you to keep an eye on her. Did I tell you to shoot?

Shema: please do not make it such a big deal...you are speaking out loud and you would bring me in trouble! I will throw the gun in the toilet in the morning.

Vicky: cool down. I will tell you what to do with it in the morning. Let us sleep and do not lose heart right?

Shema: okay!

Now it’s morning at school assembly, Head Teacher is standing in front of the students saying “Students have been behaving so bad. Something exploded last night but we do not know anything about it. Everyone is supposed to give information about this explosion that will help to find out the students who are not here to study.

Some students were still in the dormitory with fear. Vicky and Shema had no idea about where they could hide the gun, obviously the sky was falling upon them.

Vicky: you said Becca was very attracted by Chris?

Shema: yes, she is kind of loving him.

Vicky: give me that gun. I have to put it in his bag so that when they check up his stuff, he will be accused and he will no longer be able to talk to Becca.

Shema: that’s a good idea man, do it quickly.

They grabbed his bag and without anyone noticing, they slide the gun inside.

Now outside where others were gathered at school assembly, one teacher whispered to Head Teacher saying “There is a gun in our school. We have seen the bullet hole in the roof of the hall. Somebody shot in the air last night.”

Head teacher was filled with anger and he came back in front and said “No one is allowed to enter dormitory nor classroom. We are going to check up everything because one of you has a gun.”

The students were astounded and they started gossiping. Others were trembling with great fear as the teachers entered their rooms and classrooms checking each and every bag…. NEXT EPISODE!

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Previously on amazing love: Rebeca was back in school after his father’s death.

Rebeca continued his studies and she was made stronger in her heart. She kept on working as it was the only alternative she had until she could come up with changes in her family.

Actually she made several friends at school including Teta who was her classmate and roommate. One day in the evening prep, they began to converse like girls do. “Rebeca, sometimes when I look at you I wonder how you are created and I wish to have the same character!” Said Teta.  “How am I created then?” asked Rebeca. “Only the boys who are obsessed by you out there can tell you for sure.  You have such a glowing face, you have medium size that is fit with each and every clothes. Additionally, your back is pretty amazing.  The reason why I wish to be like you, it’s not about your physical appearance only, but your smartness also. You are a bright student and we sometimes wonder if you truly know about this. A girl like you who is not interested in boys, you just confuse me!” Replied Teta. “Oh man, are you crazy? Do you know what you are talking about? I am seriously surprised by the way. Anyway, it depends upon what you want to be in life, I am not really hoping to become a school miss or to benefit from that beauty in one way or another. My vision is just to study to see if I can drive my dreams in the right way!” Said Rebeca.

After a few minutes of conversation, it was time to go for lunch and everyone sat at their respective tables. Teta and Rebeca did not have the same table. Teta was sharing with others including one boy called Vicky. While eating, his eyes were upon Rebeca. In the meantime, Teta was observing and she started to make fun of him “Vicky, what’s wrong with you? You are restless!” “Hold on a bit please. Let’s get done meal and I will ask you a favor.” Replied Vicky. “What is that Vicky? Asked Teta.  “As soon as we finish eating, we will be heading to the school party in the hall. And you know that I am one of the school stars and I am begging you please!” Said Vicky. Teta was speaking at the same time as Vicky saying “Why couldn’t you tell me that you guys have a party? for sure I didn’t know about that party.” Said Teta. “It’s just because you have made yourself busy and I was not able to catch up with you!” Replied Vicky. “So what can I help you Vicky?” asked Teta. “I have seen a girl here that everyone in school is really talking about every single day. I would like to ask you to sit with her during the party and you should be convincing her about me while I am singing. I want you to do whatever it takes that she could be interested in me. I want every boy to know that she could love me.” Replied Vicky. “Then who is that girl making you crazy?” Asked Teta.  Vicky turned his head and face Rebeca and he turned his head again quickly with shame and said “Look at that table, there is a beautiful girl staring at us.” “Jesus, that’s Rebeca, I was a fool to think of someone else who is not Rebeca. Forget, she is not such a girl that you can deceive with your hip-hop music. She is very smart and luck the boy who’s going to win her heart. She does not express her feelings easily, to her, studying is her priority. It may even happen that she doesn’t come to the party.” Said Teta.  “I want to believe that she will come to the party, and I believe you will complete my request.” Argued Vicky. “What would I do when she comes? Okay, I will do like you said and you will take me out for tea after that.” Said Teta. “I will do whatever you want Teta.” Replied Vicky.

On way from refectory Rebeca met up with Teta and said “I have seen you and that boy talking about me.” And Teta argued that “Please don’t lie for me. But I would to ask you to come early with me to the party that we could choose the best seats.” Asked Teta. “I have heard about it but I am not feeling well and I am going to sleep.” Replied Rebeca. “look at you Rebeca, you need to meet new people who are not me. This is the best moment to express your innermost feelings and be friend with whom you are interested in.” Argued Teta. “Please, you will tell me everything when you come back to our room. I must go to sleep.” Said Rebeca. Teta kept on convincing her that she could only to spend a few minutes and leave. Rebeca was kind of hard to be convinced and she just went to the party with Teta and the party was just getting started at their arrival.

MC was just starting to present the artists who would perform in the party. They started with dancing groups and they continued with the artists.

MC was just welcoming Vicky on the stage and he was asking everybody to clap for him as the famous singer in school. Vicky was looking fantastic in fashionable clothes and he began to sing a cappella saying that he is no longer an underground rapper.

On the other side Teta was cheering for Vicky to attract Rebeca. Honestly Rebeca was kind of not interested until when she started telling Teta that she wanted to go to sleep that she is not getting anything in the party. While she was preparing to leave, MC welcomed another singer and the guy was singing ‘Heal the world’ by Michael Jackson in a soft voice. Rebeca got stuck and she was kind of interested in that guy. She kept on looking at that guy as she moved a little bit. He was a handsome young boy and after Michael Jackson, he continued with ‘Everything I do’ by Bryan Adams. Everybody there was attracted by his soft voice and they all stood up singing with him. Obviously he was driving Rebeca in another mood and as the guy coming down from the stage, everyone was trying to approach him. It was time to get to the end of the party, and Rebeca could not hesitate to approach him. Teta found that her friend Rebeca is very interested in the guy and she said “He is called Christian. You should come and look at him if you want.” As soon as they came closer to him, there exploded something inside of the hall…NEXT EPISODE