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Last time love was driving Chris so crazy. He was looking for Becca but he didn’t find her. What happened to Becca?

Let us continue…

He met Aime on way back to his classroom.

Aime: Vicky and Shema have been here and they were asking Becca. After that time, Becca has disappeared!

Chris: why have they been looking for Becca?

Aime: I am told that they have a grudge against Becca after they failed to plant robbery on you. So Becca is their target at this juncture.

(Within that moment, Teta came along asking Becca)

Chris: Teta, you are always with her, can you please tell us what happened?

Teta: I thought that she is with you? I heard rumor that Vicky and Shema showed up in the school and I know they are able to do whatever they want just because they know everything in this school. It looks like Becca has been kidnapped!

Chris: Don’t say like that Teta. I am going to inform the school leaders.  

(Before he left, Teta saw her coming)

Teta: look, there she comes along with discipline master.

Aim and Chris turned around to find out and they saw her also. They felt at ease and asked the same question “where have you been?”

Becca: I have recently had a splitting headache and I decided to see discipline master and he immediately took me to the hospital.

Teta: you are lying to us. Meaning you didn’t see them?

Becca: here’s my prescription. Why are you asking about Vicky and his colleague?

Teta: there is a widespread rumor that you are kidnapped!

Becca: (she laughed) It surprises me to know about that! Of course I met them on my way to see discipline master and they were coming to ask for their school reports.

Teta: (she grabbed that prescription to check) I don’t see your names on it, why?

Becca: I don’t know when teacher Glad knew that I was sick, he came to see us at the hospital and paid for me.

Teta: what are you doing with your teacher? Last time he called me in his office and he asked me the name of your boyfriend.

Becca: what did you tell him?

(Chris and Aime looked at each other)

Teta: I told him the truth.

Becca: what is the truth you told him?

Teta: do you think I said anything other than the truth we both know? Then why is it me, Aime and Chris been looking for you in the entire school?

Becca: is that what you told him?

Teta: why are you asking too much? I told him what he wanted to know. I told him the name of your boyfriend.

(Chris felt scared and he wondered if Becca had a boyfriend already)

Becca: I am asking you the name you told him please?

(Chris left right away because he did not want to hear that name but others stayed there)

Teta: do not try to hide it, would you like to refuse that you don’t love Chris?

Becca: you are crazy!

 In the evening prep, Shema did not allow Chris to revise his lessons. He kept on telling him stories.

Aime: can you imagine that the other girls have known that Becca loves you. Teta finally mentioned your name.

Chris: you are lying! How could she love someone like me?

Aime: stop messing around. Otherwise if you keep thinking the same way, you will regret when she figures out that you have no plan for her. She will find someone else.

Chris: okay, I need your advice.

Aime: tell her. Show her your love. She loves you undoubtedly!

Chris: what if she says no? Apart from that, I am so shy to tell her!

Aime: (spoke to him harshly) don’t say it again. Haven’t you seen people insulting each other in the street? Why aren’t they shy? Why is it difficult to say that you love a girl?

Chris: I am telling you that the word I LOVE YOU is not like others. You have to be careful as the next step is to take responsibility in that relationship.

Aime: so my advice, if you love Becca, you can tell her. Then wait to see whether she accepts or not! And if she says no, you won’t be the one to get such an answer.

Chris: Aime, you know what…let us get done the exams first. I can be distracted if she says no before exams.

Aime: great! That’s the least you can do!

In period of exams, they kept in touch. After revision they could meet and talk a little bit. Teta kept on observing what they were doing and asked Becca something.

Teta: Becca, we are friends. Tell me, do you love Chris?

Becca: why?

Teta: both of you smell love and you could be a nice couple!

Becca: I don’t know any characteristics of lovers. Chris and I like each other.

Teta: you are hiding but in any case we will know everything. And I want tell you that your love speaks itself!

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Last time Chris’ bag was going to be searched in public on the school assembly to find out the thief. What happened? Let us continue… 

The teacher opened the zip and dropped everything out of the bag and he began to search the clothes and some other stuff. There in the jeans, he saw a wrapped package in which he found the money they were looking for and gave it to headmaster. Chris was very astounded and he didn’t have anything to say right away. Becca did not make any movement and said “There is so much inside of a person”. She didn’t know what to do with that and she had shame too. All the students were surprised and looked at Chris at the same time as if they didn’t know him. Vicky and Shema on the other were reaping what they had done saying “He doesn’t only know how to sing but also how to steal”. Headmaster was quiet hearing the gossips from the audience and said “Keep quiet all of you”. Without saying anything else, the prefect of studies leaned over and whispered something in his ear as they looked in the phone. Headmaster began to look at intently, and he was deep in thought and after a few seconds he whispered back to the prefect of studies. All of a sudden he beckoned aggressively to Vicky and Shema to step forward. They were obviously afraid. The students began to gossip once again wondering why Chris was not sent home packing immediately! 

On the other side Chris was not moving anymore and he was sweating as if he had already accepted his crime. He could not look in the opposite direction to where Becca was standing. Becca’s heart was highly beating and her hands were sweating as though she was the one to be accused of stealing, and she could sometimes look at Chris on the opposite side. Suddenly Chris stepped forward and grabbed his bag and get gone. Headmaster said to him when he was leaving “Chris, give me a minute please!” Chris obeyed him and stopped where he was. Headmaster spoke in a loud voice “I would like to apologize to Chris for calling him a thief who was not. He was betrayed by his fellow students.” Again the students began to gossip wondering how Chris could have stolen this money. Headmaster asked them to keep quiet and told them the truth about what happened. Becca felt like it was the game that they were playing. In the meantime Glad was coming to work and he found out that Becca was not feeling good. When he looked in front, he saw two boys and Chris standing there. Headmaster said “I want to tell you that Vicky and Shema are the thieves. They betrayed Chris. Here is the evidence of the video that was taken by prefect of studies sometime in the morning.” 

WHAT HAPPENED? LET US SEE WHAT HAPPENED ONE HOUR EARLIER. At dawn when students began showering, Vicky told something to Shema. Vicky: I have found something that will cause Chris to leave. Shema: what is that? Vicky: there are two faults which make one leave the school officially, robbery and fighting. We can plant robbery on him. Shema: how can we do that? Vicky: Nganji got the money from his parents last night. I went with him to withdraw the money. I know where he kept it and I would like you to stay with me while others will be going to attend classes in order to steal his money and put it in Chris’s bag. Then I will tell Nganji that Chris stole his money and hide it in his bag. You see, Chris will be accused and he will finally be sent home. 

They didn’t realize that when the students were going, prefect of studies passed behind the dormitory looking for those still in their rooms and unclosed windows. When he was passing, he saw them counting the money in the dormitory and took them a video. However, he didn’t realize that the two boys were betraying Chris. That’s how headmaster recounting the details of the video to the students who were there. Vicky and Shema felt shameful right away. Becca was filled with joy and both Chris and Becca looked at each other happily. On the other side teacher Glad was looking at them and said “I know what to do”. Then headmaster invited Chris to come in his office to remedy the situation or him, and he told Vicky and Shema to come in the office to sign their office leave too. The students shouted with a lot of claps. “You can go back to your classes” Said headmaster. 

Amazing love, Chris and Becca met behind the classrooms and they hugged as they cried softly. Chris wiped off her tears after hugging. Chris: Becca, God is not poor! Did you accept in your heart that I am a thief before? Becca: (said sadly) Chris, I didn’t know the truth, I was totally confused. Praise to God! When they were still hugging, Glad caught them and said “Hey guys, what are you doing?” go in your respective classes now. Chris went to the office of headmaster and he passed by Vicky and Shema with their bags going back home. When Vicky left, Glad took Becca’s hand quickly. Glad: why did you lie to me? You thought I would never know the truth? It looks like you guys love each other. Becca: you said we have to go back to our classes, so let me go. Glad stayed there looking at Becca as she was walking back in her classroom. He decided to give everything he had so that he could win her heart; that Becca would eventually accept him. He didn’t realize that love goes where it wants, and it was embarrassing the extremes he would go in order to impress Becca. 

One day, Chris was missing Becca like nobody else and he entered all the classrooms looking for her but he didn’t find her until he was tired. He sat on the porch resting and after a couple of minutes; he went back to his classroom. On way going back, Aime was also looking for him too. Aime: do you know what happened to Becca? Chris: (His heart was beating) Jesus, what happened to her? Tell me. NEXT EPISODE…

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We are back in the school now. While Glad was planning to win Becca’s heart, Becca is sitting with Chris on the same table. They were sharing a meal. They could sometimes talk and keep quiet if they had nothing to say.

Chris: Becca, I want to thank you.

Becca: why are you thanking me, what have I done?

Chris: I am happy to know you and I thank you for that you made it work out.

Becca: I think I can thank you. You are a superstar but you try to find time for me.

(They both looked at each other’s eyes and laughed)

Chris: don’t ever call me a superstar again!  

Becca: however, others are striving to be superstars and you don’t want it to be your name. For me you are a superstar and I admire you!

After getting to know each other, Becca and Chris began to walk together as sibling. On the other hand Chris was obviously changed and he could only spend a day looking at Becca as the most beautiful girl in the world.  He could only find peace when he is sitting beside her and he didn’t truly realize what was happening to him day afters day as he kept on wondering what to do with that feeling.

However, Becca was also going through the same thing even if he could not look inside of her heart.  She was slowly falling in love and she could spend the whole break looking for him until she finds him.

This is where the amazing love started and it drove both of them crazy. However, they kept it secret either Chris or Becca no one knew what the other was going through. But they didn’t know that they couldn’t hide love.  Glad was also at peace. He began to find out how he could put into practice what his friend David advised him, because it was getting too late for him as the days passed by.  One day, he called Becca to come in his office.

Glad: you are one of the bright students I teach but you are not improving these days. Before I give you some advice, I want you to answer a couple of questions.  Do you have a boyfriend?

Becca: how this question is going to support the advice you want to give me?

Glad: how are we going to handle it if you ask me before you answer my question?

(She kept quiet a little bit and after few seconds she looked at teacher Glad)

Becca:  yes, I have a boyfriend.

(Glad was very surprised and speechless. His heart was beating so quickly and spent a few moments thinking).

Glad: what’s his name? Is he one of our students?

Becca: you are making me feel so shy in front of my teacher. I think I have no answer to give you other than what I have told you.

(Glad was so crazy in love and he kept on insisting)

Glad: please tell me and I will give advice. I know boys are not friendly; it may happen that your boyfriend is one the main reasons you are failing your lessons today. You have to be very carefully and break up with him if you can, because you will find no better in him. You better leave him and focus on your studies.

Becca did not say anything and when Glad finally realized that his words are in vain. He cleared his throat and said “Okay, you can go back to your classroom”.  He became nervous and jealous of that boy and kept of asking himself different questions “What if she was lying to me? And he decided to call Teta in his office that he could ask her some questions.

Glad: does Becca have a boyfriend? Tell me the truth you know about her. I am serious about that.

Teta: oh, I think you should have asked Becca. She would tell you all the truth.

Glad: (with a serious face) I have my own reasons why I am asking you this. That’s why I have called you in my office. I want to know that truth you know about it.

Teta: Becca has a boy she loves and the boy loves her too. It is not known by anybody and they didn’t tell each other about it.

(Glad was too harsh but he forbode from being angry openly)

Glad: do you know that boy?

(He waited for the answer out of curiosity to know the name of the boy who stole her heart)

Teta: he is called Chris.

Glad: (he breathed restlessly) I think I know him. You can go back to your classroom. Thanks.

Teta went back to her classroom and Glad became so nervous but he tried to cool himself down saying “It’s between me and Chris now”.  


In the morning the students were all gathered on school assembly, before they sang National anthem; headmaster began to tell them a story about what happened in the school “It is so sad to have thieves in this school. You are stealing each other’s money and different stuff.” He called upon one of the students, his name is Nganji. He was the youngest boy in the school. He just stepped in front shedding tears and headmaster said “He is like our last born in this school but you didn’t tolerate when stealing the money that his parents sent to him. He said he knows exactly the bag in which his money is hidden from and I am going to send him with a teacher to search that bag and we want to know a thief right now right here. And he will be sent packing as soon as he is known.

Nganji went to the dormitory with the teacher and when they got there he showed him the bag. He took the bag and brought it to headmaster on the school assembly. And they asked him to mention the owner of the bag and he said loudly that the bag belongs to Chris.

Chris was very threatened and at the same time he turned and faced Becca, and they both trembled.

Headmaster: ok, let us search the bag. They opened a zip…..NEXT EPISODE!
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Last time Becca was revising her lessons and Chris decided to overcome his fear so as to approach her. He got up and instead of going out of the classroom, he came towards Becca.

What happened?

Let us continue…

Becca seemed to be expecting that and when she saw him coming, she moved aside a little bit to save some space for him and they started conversing. It was obvious that Chris was able to overcome his fear.

Chris: Becca, are you fine?

Becca: yes, I am good though the lessons are hard to grasp these days. I am trying to memorize but ain’t got anything!

Chris: do not lie to me. I have heard that you are so smart!

Becca: who told you that?

Chris: it’s easy to know that as your face can tell!

Becca: (she laughed quietly) I think you are more intelligent than me!

Chris: Becca, what caused you to give me such kind of job?

Becca: oh man, which job?

Chris: to have to sing National anthem every morning.

Becca: yes, if I knew how to sing I would give it myself however I chose you for I am sure that you know how to sing it well.

While Chris was sitting with Becca, he suddenly saw Vicky entering the same classroom and sat behind them and he started to eavesdrop their conversation. After a few minutes, he dropped his pen willingly underneath Becca’s desk and she picked the pen up and gave it back to him.

Vicky: Thank you Becca! Chris, what would happen to you if you picked it up for me?

Chris: I didn’t see it though!

Vicky: I don’t think so, you are very arrogant and you consider yourself next level. I can tell the fact that you are telling lies to this lady!

(Chris felt uncomfortable and decided to leave)

Chris: Becca, I am sorry that I am leaving but it was nice talking to you.

Becca: Thank you Chris!

As soon as he left Vicky moved from behind to Becca’s desk and sat with her and the prep was over at his arrival and they both got up.  Chris met Aime and he tried to convince him this way.

Chris: man, there was nothing to fear, she is very humble and we spent few minutes talking.

Aime: okay, tell me. What did you guys talk about it?

Chris: it’s normal but I tried to slow down. She is shy no more and she is very attractive. I want to change my table so as to share meal with her tonight.

Aime: don’t be stupid, I can tell that she’s interested in you!

 At home where teacher Glad was living he began thinking a lot about the girl he knew in short time. He even took her photo in secret. He had Becca’s photo in his phone. Love was driving him crazy but he didn’t say anything but he began to blame himself about the way he found himself loving Becca. At that moment there came his Friend David. He entered the house and they greeted and they started drinking wine.

Glad: David, I need your advice my friend. I am in trouble right now.

David: what is troubling you now?

Glad: get my phone and take look at that girl. She is called Rebecca and she is my student but my heart is on fire because of her.  Of course she is younger than me but she is driving me crazy. I love her so much, what can I do?

David: (He laughed) I didn’t know that these days a handsome guy like you who’s paid good money can say that he doesn’t know what to do with a girl. Look, nowadays girls are worried about men as well as men are worried about jobs.  I can advise you to find out her life; it may happen that she comes from a poor family and you can help her through her life and she will always praise your name. I think you are not young that you don’t know what to do.


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Last time Becca was on telephone and the person she was talking to was not her mom and the telephone got cut off.

What happened there? Let us continue…

The one called Becca said “Becca do you know how your mom…” They got cut off. Becca and discipline master looked at each other.

Becca: Oh my God, maybe they just ran out of the airtime and they haven’t told me anything.

Discipline master: you can use my phone.

Becca: thank you so much!

She called the number again and this time her mom picked the telephone.

Becca’s mother: my child, do you know how much I tried to reach out to you on different phone numbers and we didn’t connect?

Becca: what happened mom?

Becca’s mother: we are well my child, but I would like to know how you are doing.

Becca: I have no problem mom, and my studies are going well!

Becca’s mother:  good! I would like to tell you that I have got some money and I would like to send you like eight thousand, how could I send it?

Becca was excited and she asked the discipline master “do you use MTN Mobile Money?

Discipline master: yes, I do.

Becca: mom, you can send it on this number and thank you so much!

Discipline master: how do you know that your mom understands English?

Becca: yes, she can understand the word “Thank you”.

Discipline master: okay, you can go back to your classroom. I will bring your money when she is done sending it to me.

Becca continued her studies and her mom continued to work very hard so that Becca and her brothers would continue their studies. Becca’s desire was to keep studying as she used to think that in the time to come she would be the one to help her mother in her old ages.

During that time, they brought a new teacher in the school who was later made their class teacher. Obviously he was still a young man. He finished his studies when he was still young. His name was Glad. Within a short time, every student he was teaching was interested in him. His attitudes, behaviors and intelligence impressed everyone. He was such a humble young man that you could love! He was loved by his fellow teachers, and he was loved by so many students who were almost his age. Even though everyone there was interested in him, he was very attracted by one girl who was beautiful. Because of her beauty and her character and the way she humbled herself, teacher Glad found himself loving Becca beyond you could imagine. He loved the student he was teaching and he was her class teacher. He was very secretive and no one could notice his feelings toward Becca.  

Becca was also kind of fighting a battle she didn’t know as one day morning they were gathered on school assembly singing National anthem and because they were singing in disorder, head teacher stopped them and said “It looks like most you are distracted looking side to side trying to detect beautiful girls among you and I can’t allow you to go on the same way. I was thinking that we could choose one person who will be in front leading us in National anthem.”  Becca raised her hand up and said “Chris can do it”. Chris was very scared and turned around to find out who said his name and he faced with Becca. No doubt they all shouted out his name at the same time. At that moment Head teacher called Chris to come in front and lead them in National anthem.

And when Chris was singing, Becca did not draw her attention away. And when the song ended, Chris went back and Becca kept on staring at him until they returned to their classrooms her eyes were on Chris. She could not blink all the way back to her class. Chris started thinking about her and he was wondering why she was kind of caring about him openly.

On the other side Vicky was gnashing his teeth saying “I am not young, I will do something” then after classes in the afternoon Vichy hung out with his intimate friend Shema and they made plans.

Vicky: I cannot be patient man, help me to find ways to make Chris leave this school.

Shema:  please tell me the truth before I could get involved in things I don’t understand. Why are you coming against Chris? Is it because you both perform in the school party or there should something else?

Vicky: that is one of the reasons man, do you know how it feels like when someone is taking over what you should be yours. Look, my heart cannot be patient, my love for Becca is growing day by day and Chris wants to take her away from me.

Shema: I am committed to help you no matter the circumstance!

After that moment, they started evening prep and Becca turned on the side and saw Chris and Aime coming for the prep in her class. It seemed like they were not coming to revise their lessons as they started talking.

Aime: something I don’t like from you is that you are shy and you said you would sit with her but when we reached here you changed your mind.

Chris: I am very afraid!

Aime: I was only accompanying you but if you can’t do anything now, I will go back to my class.

Chris: honestly this is my first time dating, I am not really good at it.

Aime did not hesitate to go out and Chris got up to leave and instead of leaving, he went toward where Becca was sitting…Next EPISODE

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