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Hey you searcher for true love!

This blog will give you someinside tips about how to upgrade your persona profile on our dating website. How to attract a person of the opposite sex and how to start dating that person. I did all the research for you! So, sit back, read this blog andbecome an expert in the love world. 

Today we are going to talk about photos! "A picture is worth a thousand words" is a well-known saying in the English language. And it is! One single picture can encourage someone to start a conversation with you. Or they choose someone else. So, read these following tips carefully!

First photo: headshot.

The name says it all, it is a picture of the head. And maybe some shoulders. 

Your first profile photo should be a photo where you look directly into the camera, andsmile!

Smiling is very important; it show that you are an approachable person.

Choose a simple background, stand under natural light and for women: don't wear too much make-up, when you normally wear make-up, keep it natural. 

DON'T: wear a cap, sunglasses or look into the camera with a stone cold face. 

But I look cool with sunglasses? Remember: eyes are the windows to the soul! Even on pictures. Don't you want your perfect love to know who you really are?

DO: show who you are! If you have curls, let those curls out. You normally wear glasses? Own them on the camera! Show that you love yourself, the other person will love that about you!

Do you need more personal help to improve your skills in dating? Send an email to: lovecoach@truelove-africa.com or send a text message to this account: olivier. 

Big love,

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