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Last time Becca was back in school looking from Chris.

Did she find him?

Let us continue…

Becca arrived in school at dusk and she met her friend Teta first. They were missing each other so much! They didn’t take much time together because Becca left her right away and kept on looking for Chris. She wanted to make sure if Chris was also back in school because they agreed to arrive in the evening. When she was going, someone came from her back and raised her up. Becca turned around to find out who was that, and she saw Chris and they hugged tightly. Chris asked her to find a quiet place so they could talk. You could see love in their eyes and they couldn’t wait to talk to each other in a quiet place. They were so proud of each other. They found somewhere to sit and began to conversive.

Becca:  Chris, do you still love me?

Chris: (he smiled lovely at her and said) the answer is everywhere on me. Becca I have given you everything. I love you Becca! Let me tell you something you won’t believe from someone else. I love you and I can prove it in front of death!

Becca: Chris, I don’t want to bother you to prove how much you love. That’s not worth the talk. I trust you, and I believe in our love!

They just talked so much and of course they missed each other. In that evening many students kept on coming and it kind of turned into disorder and thereafter they bid each other a good night! That school term was wonderful for them; with such beautiful love and their relationship was then known in the entire school even the headmaster. It was the best couple in the school and they were given a lot of nicknames. One day headmaster invited them intending to know the purpose of that love everybody was obsessed with! They came in his office and he gave them seats.

Headmaster: (he asked Becca first) education is not all about teaching lessons in class but we also have to keep following up everything going on. So I want to ask you a few questions and I want you to answer clearly. (He continued asking until when he finally get to the point) Becca, do you have a boyfriend?

Becca: Yes, I do.

Headmaster: what’s his name?

Becca: Chris. He is right here!

Headmaster: (He smiled) Chris! Actually I knew the truth and I’m told that Vicky wanted to betray you because of Becca. Even though you are in love but you are still young. Your couple is known in the whole school. I appreciate that you didn’t hide anything and I would love to give you some advice. The way you love each other today, just keep it up and do not change until when you finish your studies and get married! When you have a quarrel and break up, just know that you will have wasted your time. Just know that you have been lying to each other. Love does not lie. I know you will face challenges through your love life but love without challenges does not make sense.  Your bodies will tempt you and that’s normal. You can always control yourselves like the way you control your anger. This way you can always be able to overcome such challenges.

He advised them and they assured him to follow his advice. He released them to go back to study. Obviously they had good time together in school, it seemed like their love had been approved by the school. Every couple wanted to drive love the same way! Chris asked Becca to visit him at home during that period and they both asked permission to go at Chris’.  They just went there and Chris did neither have father nor siblings. He was living with his mother only. Chris’ mother welcomed Becca and Chris did not hesitate to introduce her to his mother.

Chris: mom, this Becca, I don’t have doubts about the fact that she could be my future partner. I love her so much like the way you love me!

(Becca and his mother laughed out loud)  

Chris’ mother:  actually if you love her like the way a parent loves their child, that’s true love! However, love is a great war but if you care for each other with faithfulness and loyalty, your love will be successful! But if you hurt each other and take it for granted, you will hate each other and all of your courage will be in vain! Moreover, it will show that you have never loved each other before.

(She just advised them and gave them some space to talk)

Becca: why didn’t you tell me that you have no siblings?

Chris: of course I have friends but I know you talking about my real siblings. When I grew up I found myself with my mom only. My father was the army and he died in the war of liberation. So my mom told me that I was not born alone, my siblings died in the genocide and she stayed with me. That is why I live with my mom only.

Becca was not surprised because she knew what happened in their country. She promised him to be like his sister and to be right by his side day after day!

Chris: we can form a new family together!

It was time to go back to school and they bade Chris’ mom goodbye and left!

What happened?

Chris and Becca came back to school from Chris’s house, in the meantime, Glad was also at Becca’s house and he found no one there. He turned back as if he was leaving and met Becca’s mother. She came back with him and welcomed him in the house.

Glad: where were you going?

Becca’s mother: I was taking the identities of my sons to the district. There is an American organization wanting to sponsor them in schools. My sister registered their names there and they will pay for them until they finish their studies.

Glad: that’s good news! When will the organization start to pay for them?

Becca’s mother: next year, after this school term.

Glad: anyway do you have any occupation?

Becca’s mother: I have no job other than looking after these children and taking care of what Becca’s father left with me.

Glad: do you know how to read?

Becca’s mother: (she laughed) I know. I dropped out in secondary school, senior five.

Glad: that’s great! You are smart! I can find you a job in the organization I work for. I can help you to find a certain post, like store manager. You can make good money and it can help you solve different problems at home.

(She was very happy and she felt overwhelmed by his kindness. She kept on thanking him)

Glad: its okay, come tomorrow and see what we can do.

Back in school, Becca got sick and it became very serious. She was vomiting so much and all the school leaders came to the rescue and one of them said “she is poisoned and it is very serious. She might die very soon”.  When Chris heard about it, he was kind of fainted and he reminded himself of the food they ate at his home and he came to realize that they shared everything. He kept on thinking and he remembered that the neighbors were very happy for her and they wanted to entertain her into their homes. Again he remembered that when they were ready to leave, his mom gave her some milk and Chris did not drink that milk. Chris was trying to figure out if she ate poisoned food back at home. He was full of thoughts about what happened when they were visiting his mom and he was very frightened! All of a sudden, the school leaders contacted her parent to come and take her home….NEXT EPISODE  

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After exams, Chris was forced to speak the truth he had inside of him. One day he asked Becca to meet him in a classroom. Remember this was the time after exams. Becca’s heart was not at ease. She was expecting the word from Chris! They just met there in the classroom and sat down. Chris was dominated by fear and Becca was confused. After a long silence then Chris overcame his fear.

Chris:  Becca, I was so glad the day I got to know you but honestly I don’t know where you live as I want to call on you in holidays.

(Becca told him everything he needed to know about her. She was obviously open to him)

Becca: I would love to see you. Where do you live?

Chris: I live at Remera.

Likewise, Chris explained to her everything about him but he didn’t mention why he asked her to meet him until when they both separated. “I will tell her tomorrow” said Chris in his heart.

As soon as they left each other, Becca met the discipline master.

Discipline master: I have talked with your mom recently. She said she wants you to go home earlier and I have already booked a bus for you. And here’s the rest of the money she sent you through my phone.

Becca: is everything okay?

Discipline master: don’t worry. She just asked me to do it for you! You have to wake up early so you don’t miss your bus.

In the morning Becca started to prepare herself and she didn’t get the chance to say bye to Chris. Aime and Chris were not on speaking terms with each other. They started looking for Becca in the morning but they didn’t realize that she has left in the early morning.

Since Chris knew that Becca has gone, he went back in his bed to stay there alone. He was only judging himself that he is a coward!  When he was there lying in the bed, someone brought him a phone and said “someone wants to talk to you”.  He took the call and that was Becca who tried her best so she could reach out to Chris.

Becca: Chris, do you know how much energy I spent to find you? It wasn’t easy at all!

Chris: (he answered happily) Becca, why could you leave without letting me know? I was truly worried about you. Is everything okay?

Becca: Yes, no problem. I have already missed you!

Chris: I’ve been missing you so much. Please I would like you to give me your phone number before we are going any further.

Becca: you can always find me on this number, it’s okay!

They got cut off and Chris waited hoping she would call again but they didn’t talk.

The school holidays started and all the students went back home. Chris was very curious to get home and arrange an appointment with Becca. He was feeling much confident to say anything that would come out of his mouth. He was regretting all the chances he took for granted back in school and he was committed to tell Becca everything. He decided to call her asking for an appointment in that holiday. They agreed upon the day to meet and then the time came to pass whereby both of them were preparing to meet up somewhere. Each of them wore wonderful clothes for the purpose of impressing each other. This is the amazing love! On the buses, they were both thinking about each other, about the same thing; about how they would behave when they finally see each other. Chris arrived before Becca and he called her to let her know that he was there already.

Chris: Becca, I have arrived, where are you?

Becca: I will arrive in 30 minutes.

He kept on waiting for her until when he decided to call her but she didn’t take his call. He tried reaching her phone many times and finally the phone did not get through. Chris was so scared and he called as many times as possible but he got no reply. In few minutes, he heard people saying that there was a serious accident happened on the same road as Becca’s bus was coming from. He took the motor taxi right away and headed where the accident happened….NEXT EPISODE

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