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Last time Glad entered Becca’s room and closed the door.

What happened?

Let us continue…

Becca was so scared and Glad started talking to her gently!

Glad: don’t worry its okay!  Do not think of anything that I can’t do!

Becca: so what have you come to do here?

Glad: please hold on; if you want me to go in jail than screams!

Becca: ok tell me what you want here.

Glad: please, keep this in mind. I respect myself and I always protect my reputation. So please don’t take for granted what I need to tell you!

Becca: ok, I am listening!

Glad: I am very surprised! They just ran out of the rooms. The time I came to pay, there was only one room remaining. There are so many students sleeping here like us.

Becca: then what do you want?

Glad: what don’t you understand? I am not a glutton that I am going to eat you alive, please let me sleep here so in the morning, we will continue our journey!

Becca: I was such a fool! Sure. Was this your plan? Probably the car was not even broken down!

Glad: Becca, do not think of nothing about me; I was thinking that you are kind woman but I am surprised! I will go out and sleep in my car no matter what happens to me.

(As soon as he opened the door, Becca pulled him back and said calmly)

Becca: I would rather go out. Please sleep here and I will sleep outside in your car.

Glad: it is not good to complicate things like this. I have told you the truth and it’s contrary to what you are thinking about. Because you don’t want to trust me, I will let you sleep here then we meet tomorrow morning down below.

Becca: hold on, take it easy! What is your wish? And I am so sorry, trusting someone is not a once and for all process.

Glad: I wanted us to handle this situation peacefully! This is a king size bed. I will lie on the edge and you will take the other side. And if you find me making weird movement, scream for help!

While they were handling the problem, Becca’s telephone rang. (Remember, in the holidays, the students are given back their phones) This was Chris trying to reach out to her on phone that night! She got heart beat and she was thinking of what to tell him.

Glad: who’s calling?

Becca: it’s Chris. What should I tell him?

Glad: don’t be young, answer the telephone quickly and tell him that you have arrived home safely and talk to him like you guys use to.

Becca: (she answered telephone) yes honey!

Chris: have reached home love?

Becca: (she remained silent but she had no choice) yes I have reached home very recently!

Chris: ok great! I am not comfortable where I am, I wanted to make sure you reached home safely!

(He hung up the telephone immediately and Becca complained with Glad about telling Chris lies)

Becca: you deceived me and I told him lies!

Glad: so what would happen if you tell him the truth; that you are in hotel with Glad? And again you have to know that sometimes falsehood solve problems instead of telling the truth and break trust!

Becca: you are wrong! Truth does not ruin things, unless you deliver it differently! So what would be ruined if Chris knew all happened to us?  

Glad: ok that’s how you understand it. So shall we sleep now?

Becca: I can’t lie to Chris that I am at home and then sleep with you. Sleep on bed and will spend night on the floor. I am bothered anyway.

Glad: ok

Glad chose to sleep and Becca chose to be sitting on the floor all night long. At dawn, Glad woke up to take shower and when Becca woke up she found herself lying on the same bed as Glad. She was insisting before she fell asleep, but she didn’t know how she got on the bed. She checked herself and she found out that nothing happened. She was still in her clothes and Glad did not try to touch her! Then when she was thinking a lot about that situation, Glad came back and said,

Glad: I am sorry, you were just falling into a deep slumber and I decided to bring you on the bed. You suspected what I could never do for you and I can never think of hurting you; you know that I love you. Ok I think you want to go to the bathroom, you will find me down below with a mechanic.

He went outside and Becca went into the bathroom to take shower. In the bathroom, she began to think about Glad, how he didn’t force her to sleep with him. The person she didn’t trust before; she thought Glad might be a good friend who has good morals and when she came back into her room, Chris was calling her on the telephone.

Chris: how do you feel to wake up without attending the class?

Becca: it’s very good, but to wake up knowing that I will not see you is not easy to bear it in mind!

Chris: be strong love, very soon I will come to see you and I hope we will have a good time together!

Becca: I will be glad and I look forward to meeting you!

Chris: are you still in bed?

Becca: no, I just woke up.

Chris: honey, what are you doing now?

Becca: my mom wants to send me somewhere.

Chris: can I say hi to her if she is woken up?

Becca: no, she is still sleeping. I will tell her when she wakes up.

Chris: ok. We will talk later.

Becca: it’s okay honey!

Becca lied to him about everything the way she was not expecting to. However, she felt like she had no other explanation. She knew she had done nothing wrong but thinking of the way she told him lies since last night, Becca burst into tears! She was sad but she thought she had no choice. After getting dressed, she just got out finding Glad outside with the car and it was fixed and they pulled away.

They drove talking all the way and Glad began to tell Becca about his character.

Glad: I know that a person a lot of things in mind but you realize their wrongful acts once they commit them. So I can’t do what you thought I would do.

Becca: I apologize to you for my mistakes about last night, like I was not able to trust you but I am sorry for what happened. You would behave in the same way if you were me…I am still feeling strange about spending a night in hotel with a man.

They kept talking through their long journey until they reached there. Becca was mentally judgmental to herself. She was kind of judging herself about the choice she made at the hotel.

I want you to follow the story. On the same day, Chris received a message in his phone through whatsapp. He saw so many photos and he downloaded them. After seeing the photos, Chris felt so scared and got heart beat. He thought he could be dreaming because it wasn’t easy to believe what he saw in the photos. When Becca was in hotel with Glad someone took them photos. He took everything from the very start until morning and he sent the photos to Chris. He took these photos professionally and everything was quite clear to Chris. The photos were accompanied by these words: Chris this film was shot in hotel jut to hurt your heart. NEXT EPISODE

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Last time Chris’ bag was going to be searched in public on the school assembly to find out the thief. What happened? Let us continue… 

The teacher opened the zip and dropped everything out of the bag and he began to search the clothes and some other stuff. There in the jeans, he saw a wrapped package in which he found the money they were looking for and gave it to headmaster. Chris was very astounded and he didn’t have anything to say right away. Becca did not make any movement and said “There is so much inside of a person”. She didn’t know what to do with that and she had shame too. All the students were surprised and looked at Chris at the same time as if they didn’t know him. Vicky and Shema on the other were reaping what they had done saying “He doesn’t only know how to sing but also how to steal”. Headmaster was quiet hearing the gossips from the audience and said “Keep quiet all of you”. Without saying anything else, the prefect of studies leaned over and whispered something in his ear as they looked in the phone. Headmaster began to look at intently, and he was deep in thought and after a few seconds he whispered back to the prefect of studies. All of a sudden he beckoned aggressively to Vicky and Shema to step forward. They were obviously afraid. The students began to gossip once again wondering why Chris was not sent home packing immediately! 

On the other side Chris was not moving anymore and he was sweating as if he had already accepted his crime. He could not look in the opposite direction to where Becca was standing. Becca’s heart was highly beating and her hands were sweating as though she was the one to be accused of stealing, and she could sometimes look at Chris on the opposite side. Suddenly Chris stepped forward and grabbed his bag and get gone. Headmaster said to him when he was leaving “Chris, give me a minute please!” Chris obeyed him and stopped where he was. Headmaster spoke in a loud voice “I would like to apologize to Chris for calling him a thief who was not. He was betrayed by his fellow students.” Again the students began to gossip wondering how Chris could have stolen this money. Headmaster asked them to keep quiet and told them the truth about what happened. Becca felt like it was the game that they were playing. In the meantime Glad was coming to work and he found out that Becca was not feeling good. When he looked in front, he saw two boys and Chris standing there. Headmaster said “I want to tell you that Vicky and Shema are the thieves. They betrayed Chris. Here is the evidence of the video that was taken by prefect of studies sometime in the morning.” 

WHAT HAPPENED? LET US SEE WHAT HAPPENED ONE HOUR EARLIER. At dawn when students began showering, Vicky told something to Shema. Vicky: I have found something that will cause Chris to leave. Shema: what is that? Vicky: there are two faults which make one leave the school officially, robbery and fighting. We can plant robbery on him. Shema: how can we do that? Vicky: Nganji got the money from his parents last night. I went with him to withdraw the money. I know where he kept it and I would like you to stay with me while others will be going to attend classes in order to steal his money and put it in Chris’s bag. Then I will tell Nganji that Chris stole his money and hide it in his bag. You see, Chris will be accused and he will finally be sent home. 

They didn’t realize that when the students were going, prefect of studies passed behind the dormitory looking for those still in their rooms and unclosed windows. When he was passing, he saw them counting the money in the dormitory and took them a video. However, he didn’t realize that the two boys were betraying Chris. That’s how headmaster recounting the details of the video to the students who were there. Vicky and Shema felt shameful right away. Becca was filled with joy and both Chris and Becca looked at each other happily. On the other side teacher Glad was looking at them and said “I know what to do”. Then headmaster invited Chris to come in his office to remedy the situation or him, and he told Vicky and Shema to come in the office to sign their office leave too. The students shouted with a lot of claps. “You can go back to your classes” Said headmaster. 

Amazing love, Chris and Becca met behind the classrooms and they hugged as they cried softly. Chris wiped off her tears after hugging. Chris: Becca, God is not poor! Did you accept in your heart that I am a thief before? Becca: (said sadly) Chris, I didn’t know the truth, I was totally confused. Praise to God! When they were still hugging, Glad caught them and said “Hey guys, what are you doing?” go in your respective classes now. Chris went to the office of headmaster and he passed by Vicky and Shema with their bags going back home. When Vicky left, Glad took Becca’s hand quickly. Glad: why did you lie to me? You thought I would never know the truth? It looks like you guys love each other. Becca: you said we have to go back to our classes, so let me go. Glad stayed there looking at Becca as she was walking back in her classroom. He decided to give everything he had so that he could win her heart; that Becca would eventually accept him. He didn’t realize that love goes where it wants, and it was embarrassing the extremes he would go in order to impress Becca. 

One day, Chris was missing Becca like nobody else and he entered all the classrooms looking for her but he didn’t find her until he was tired. He sat on the porch resting and after a couple of minutes; he went back to his classroom. On way going back, Aime was also looking for him too. Aime: do you know what happened to Becca? Chris: (His heart was beating) Jesus, what happened to her? Tell me. NEXT EPISODE…