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Last time Becca was going back at home yet she was very surprised by someone who answered her mother’s phone!

What happened?

Let us continue…

Becca on phone was told that the owner of the phone was at the police station. She trembled with fear wondering what happened to her mother but she couldn’t know until she got home.

Chris’ mother on her way back was trying to know clearly what caused both Chris and Becca to be sad. However, Chris did not tell his mother the truth; he chose to lie to her due to the fact that he didn’t want to explain everything about the night Becca slept at the hotel knowing that his mother would take it wrong! He did it for the sake of his relationship with Becca. When they reached home, Chris went in his room and began to review the photos in the way that shows that he was satisfied with Becca’s explanation. He put himself in Becca’s shoes and came to the realization that Becca was not worth the blame for what happened. He thought that Becca was not supposed to tell him what she was going through that night. Immediately there came an idea in his mind about writing a good message to her, just to let her know that he was proud of her and that he was ready to listen to her anytime. Here’s the message he sent to her “Honey, now I have a proof in my heart. I no longer doubt about your true love for me. I know for fact that you love me and I consider it as a great heritage that I will pay with my love as well as listening to you in every circumstance. I love you and I can risk my life if my blood could be the last proof of my love for you Becca”.

The message was delivered to Becca’s phone on the bus. she grabbed the phone and read. Although she was worried about her mother, she read such wonderful words from Chris and she smiled happily happy as she was saying in her heart these words “At least I have what I can boast in middle of people. Chris is my true love” she made a decision right away that she would never in a million years do something that could hurt Chris! Finally, she arrived home. She was in fear thinking that her mother had committed a crime. You know what happened? She was surprised to find her mother at home cooking for her brothers. She greeted her and his brothers!

Becca: mom, who terrified me that you are at police station?

Becca’s mother: yes, it was true. When I finished my job this afternoon they called me to go back at work. There has been a spate of robberies at the store I am responsible for, so I was also suspected and I was under investigation and I was supposed to be there while the investigation was going on. They took our phones so that we could not mess up with investigation, that’s when you called and it was answered by one of them. I was acquitted of robbery and came back home.

Becca: Praise God for that!

Becca’s mother: you are going to tell me where you have been and I will need a clear explanation!

(Becca asked her mother to have a private conversation in her room)

Becca: mom, I want to tell you the whole truth about what happened between me and Chris whom I showed you when you came to see me at school. I have someone I love and his name is Christian (Chris). I love him so much and I think I want to spend my life with him. Very recently there happened something which was not good for our relationship. Someone took photos of me when I was with Glad in a hotel. This made Chris so sad and I decided to go at his place to remedy the situation between me and him.

She told her mother everything and Becca’s mother did not take it for granted. She heard everything about their love and she was satisfied with the way Becca explained it clearly and she became aware of their amazing love! She also thought about how Becca did her best to come back at home on time, she thought about all the plans she was making with Glad and she came to realize that she could affect her daughter with her wrongdoings. She thought about each and everything she was going through with Glad and she said these words.

Becca’s mother: Becca, to be honest, does Chris love you?

Becca: mom, I am not able to see in his heart, I know for fact that he loves me so much and what matters is that I love him. He is my happiness. Honestly, we love each other!

Becca’s mother: well, that’s good! But I want you to make sure that you are doing the right thing. I don’t want to die of sadness of your wrong choice. You know how much I value being with you and don’t forget that you are an example to your two brothers!

Becca assured her mother that she would do her best to achieve her goals and that she would never think of cheating on her lover. On the other hand, Becca’s mother found out that Becca had her own rights to choose whoever she wants. Again, she thought about how she would explain that to Chris and how Chris would take it but she had no other alternative by the way. Obviously Becca’s mother had a lot of things going on in her mind.

After the hard time Becca and Chris went through, they started over and they kept visiting each other throughout the holiday. It seemed like nothing had even happened before and they kept enjoying their love. Amazing love, the world was just like a heaven to them. They cared about nothing except happiness they wanted in love! They could sometimes sit together and thought about the first time they met, and the way they fell in love and they realized that they met for God’s plan! Obviously they were supported by several people and everybody believed the relationship to work out. Becca’s mother had just cooled down and let them with their stuff. Every time when Chris went at Becca’s, he was welcomed and her mother was proud of them. Becca’s mother took into consideration all the way Chris was coming from and it proved to her that Chris would truly love her daughter. All these things pushed her to give them space because she knew that she would trust them.

However, while everything was going well with them, Glad was away attending a certain training in Belgium. Meaning there should not arise some problems between them because Claudia did not do anything. But when Glad came back, he was promoted at his work. Most of his colleagues began to ask him why it was so hard for him to get married but still Glad’s eyes were on Becca, Becca’s heart was on Chris.

After that, it was time when they were about to go back to school. It was good time for them to spend most of their time together. During this time Becca was waiting for her mother to give her school fees but her mother seemed to have nothing to tell Becca. She kept telling her that it was still early. But that’s not the way it was; there was another plan behind that. Later in the afternoon, Glad called Becca’s mother to meet up with him and after work she went down to see him. Glad was also on his way from the city. They met at a nearby hotel at her place and they talked about a number of things.

After meeting with Glad, Becca’s mother came back at home but she was not the same at all. She told Becca that she’s got something to tell her.

Becca’s mother: I want to tell you something and whether you like it or not, you will have to do it because you have no choice and you have to accept!

(Becca did not understand what her mother was talking about and she thought that her mother was drunk)

Becca: mom, what are you talking about?

Her mother did not say anything instead she remained silent and went in her room to sleep. In the morning, Becca woke up doing some things at home, and later in the afternoon her mother sent her shopping at high street. When she tried to ask her anything about school as the school term was quite near, she told her something that Becca was not expected to hear. Becca became so angry and when her mother realized that, she cooled her down and promised to let her know when she came back at home.

Becca respected it and left but she kept thinking about what she was told by her mother all the way. She bought all the things she was told and she turned to go back at home. When she got out of the shop, there came a van in rush and a couple of guys took her inside and she was kidnapped…NEXT PART.

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