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Our life runs on these operating system

1) Acceptance. We all want to be accepted for who we are. when we are doing good or at our lowest moments.

2) Identity: We all want to feel special and appreciated.

3) Security: We feel insecure sometimes and we need an assurance that we are safe

4) Purpose to wake up every morning.

With all these remember that human beings will only meet your secondary needs.

You can only give what you have.

If you are peaceful you will give peace

If you are joyful you will give Joy

If you are angry you will  give anger.

So what do you have? be positive and share some love 

Olivier VIP

Last time the photos of Becca and Glad in the hotel were sent to Chris through whatsapp!

Who took the photos during that night and what happened then?

Let us continue…

After looking at the photos, Chris remembered the way Becca lied to him on phone that night that she was home. However, she was in hotel. He was very nervous wondering if it was real Becca as he kept looking at the photos with Glad over and over again. He was deep in thoughts and sometimes he could not believe it was Becca but again, he thought about the two times Becca lied to him on the phone! Immediately he remembered why he asked her to talk with her mother on phone just to say hi, but she didn’t allow. Chris began to realize that Becca did everything intentionally! He prepared a message for Becca but at the end of the day, he was not able to send it. He seemed to be losing his temper but he didn’t know what to tell her. Eventually he took the initiative and wrote her like this “You are a big liar, evidently you are still on journey. You are not trustworthy yet but you have been playing me. I don’t need any explanation now; I have everything with me now”.  He sent it and turned off his phone.

(Quick as a flash the message was delivered to her but she did not read it immediately because she was a little bit distracted by Glad)

Glad: is Claudia your classmate?

Becca: Yes, we study in the same class.

Glad: it is rumored that she’s a prostitute, and I saw it myself last night.

Becca:  how did you know it?

Glad: she just came in the hotel with an Arabian man.

Becca: meaning all the people come to that hotel are prostitutes? Or you are making fun of her!

Glad: no that’s not what I am talking about.

Becca: so this means that Claudia saw us together at the hotel? It could be worse than before!

Glad: don’t worry, she didn’t see us!

Obviously, they were mistaken because Claudia saw them before Glad. Who is Claudia? I will take you back a little bit in episode 13 where the group of girls who were not interested in Becca wanted to separate them. They were led by Gasaro who was later sent packing. Claudia was one of the girls who were beautiful but behaved in a bad way. She was not eager to study; she used to spend most of her time with men who were not even the students. Obviously she was a prostitute the fact that before going home, she stayed in hotel with a man. We don’t know if they were friends but you are going to see it in the story.

It happened at the same time when Glad was going to pay the rooms, Claudia was at the hotel already and she saw him and she wondered who would come to spend a night there with him. Remember, Glad taught her when he was still a teacher. She just waited out of curiosity to see his company. After a little while, she was extremely surprised to see him with Becca! Becca was beautiful and everybody could tell it! Claudia found it hard to believe it and she said “No one to trust in this world” and when Glad was done paying the rooms, Claudia said into her heart “I will sell this news, they pretend to be good in front of people” that’s when Glad went back to bring Becca to show her the room she would sleep in. Claudia went back in her room and brought the camera of the man she was with and gave it to someone (one of the hotel cleaners) to take photos of everything they would do in the hotel. This was a deal because Claudia accepted him some money.

Claudia: do it and I will give you ten thousand francs.

Hotel cleaner: ok tell me and I will do it as you say!

Claudia: here’s a camera and no flash. And it is set to auto shoot. So come with me I will show you the room you should put the camera in. and put it where it can take everything I need.

Hotel cleaner: I will do a good job. Trust me; I am used to do such things! Make sure you pay me early morning.

This is how the camera was set in the room where Glad and Becca would sleep before they entered the room. Remember, in the morning after checkout, Becca went out after Glad. The hotel cleaner, entered the room and took the camera and gave it back to Claudia. She uploaded the photos in her phone and sent them to Bibio. Remember Bibio in episode 13. Claudia said “please send that message to Chris and let him know that he trusted untrustworthy person, and take advantage on Becca while she will be not on speaking terms with Chris”. In that morning, that’s when the photos were delivered to Chris.

Let us come back to Becca.  When Becca opened her phone she saw Chris’ message and she became speechless. She did not speak with Glad anymore until they reached home. Glad said bye to Becca and pulled away at his work. Becca’s mother was also going to work and they couldn’t talk in that morning. Becca entered the house and greeted her bothers and then took time to read the message again. She was convinced undoubtedly that somebody else told Chris about her staying in hotel with Glad. She remembered that Glad said he saw Claudia in the same hotel they slept in. However, she thought Claudia wouldn’t do it but Glad. She phoned Glad immediately and said to him “you are the worst person I have ever met in this world! I don’t know your interest but you did it wisely and I couldn’t realize. I wish I could never have met you and I don’t want to see you again”. She hung up. Glad wondered what was happening to Becca who had no problem when they were still together.  While he was thinking about that, he received a whatsapp message and he saw his photos with Becca in the hotel. It surprised him and he was totally confused! The photos came with a message saying “I need five thousand francs or I blackmail your secrets. You have an hour to send the money on my account. After an hour, you will find everything on social media with this title ‘A teacher was caught having sex with his student’”.

Glad felt like the sky was falling upon him and he had nothing to do right away. He got up and opened his office and he realized why Becca phoned him. Immediately he supposed that Claudia did it. He phoned the number that sent him the photos and it was unavailable. He had no idea of what’s going on and he decided to call his friend David.

Glad: I need your advice, things are going very bad.

David: what is that?

Glad: I made my plan and it was successful but someone else wants to benefit from it. They are asking five thousand to keep it confidential. Honestly I am not sad because of the money, but the shame Becca might get if this is known by everyone.

David: make it clear please! I don’t understand.

Glad: actually you know how much I love Becca. I have had the chance to show her that I love her and that I respect myself through my life. When I was driving from the city, I pulled out my car spark plug intentionally and the car was not able to start anymore. I was intended to spend the night with Becca in a hotel without doing anything bad to see whether she could trust me and change her mind so that she would come back to me. Then I convinced her that we had no choice other than sleeping in that hotel. It wasn’t easy for her to understand but eventually she accepted and I lied to her that the rooms ran out in order for us to share one room. I didn’t do anything all the night! It looks like Becca was beginning to trust me but someone else is ruining my plan. They took photos of everything that went on in that night; I and Becca on the same bed in a hotel room and Becca know now about this situation. She just put everything on my head and yet I don’t even know who took the photos. What should I do?

David: (said astoundingly) AMAZING LOVE! Please you have to pay that money without delay before the photos are spread far beyond; make sure you know the truth to tell Becca about what happened. If she accepts it, she will trust you like before. It will prove to her that you are honest!

Glad: thank you so much David!

David: I want to talk to you after this Glad. You actually have to let go of this game!

On the other side, Becca was being so crazy. She had been calling Chris on phone to explain everything to him but his phone was unavailable. She became hopeless and began to cry, regretting what she did as well. After a long time of thinking, she decided to meet with Chris and tell him the truth. Remember Becca did not know how the photos were taken, she thought that Chris might be told some things and she wanted to explain it to him. She was not at peace since she reached home from school. She decided to go back in the city to meet with Chris right away. She didn’t tell anybody about her leave. While Becca was making that decision, Chris was also preparing for another trip. He was so sad and he had no strengths in his body and sometimes tears would roll down his cheeks. After getting dressed, he got up and said bye to his mother and left.     NEXT EPISODE

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Duheruka amafoto ya becka na Glad muri

chambre imwe ya hotel agera kuri CHRIS!


.Ese ninde wafotoye.kd byaje kugenda bite?

.Reka dukomeze


.Chri amafoto amaze kuyitegereza yahise

atekereza ukuntu becka yamushushanyije ngo

arimurugo.kd ari muri hotel.umutwe

urazenguruka yibaza niba ari becka koko

akongera akareba akabona niwe na Glad.Chris

intekerezo zamubanye nyinshi biramucanga.aga

sanga becka atabikora ariko kandi

akabyemezwa nuko yamuhamagaye 2 kose

amubeshya.ahita yibuka impamvu yamusabye

mama wenngamusuhuze ntamumuhe.Chris

atangira kumva ko byose becka yabikoze

yabigambiriye.maze ategura message ngo

amwandikire.iyoyanditse yose yajya kuyohereza

akayisiba.akongera yajya kohereza

agasiba.mbese asa nuwabuze icyavuga

byamurenze.agezaho ahitamo amwandikira atya








Arangije arohereza ahita akuraho phone.


.Nkumurabya mesage yageze kuri becka

akokanya arayibona.atinda gato kuyifungura

kuko haricyamurangaje mumuhanda we na

Glad bagenda.Glad yarakimuganiza ati"Harya

wigana na Claudia wamukobwa wahoraga

muma weekends yirukanwe?"becka

ati"yego"Glad ati"Bavugaga ko arindaya nga

pinga gusa nabyiboneye nimugoroba"becka

ati"wabibwiwe niki?"Glad ati"ibaze ko yaje

muri hotel arikumwe numusore

wumwarabu"becka ati"noneho ushatse kuvuga

ko abarara hariga bose arindaga?utangiye

kucyurir"Glad ati"subwo waretse kubifafa

nabibubwo niko mvuze koko?" ati"Ntumbwire

ko na claudia yatubonye ishyano ryaba

riguye!"Glad ati"Ariko ugira ubwoba humura


Nyamara baribeshyaga kuko Claudia yababonye

neza mbere ndetse yuko Glad amubona.ese

Claudia ninde?Ndagusubiza inyuma gato muri

part13 aho itsinda ryabakobwa bibirara

batiyumvamo becka bashakaga kumutanya na

Chris.bayobowe na Gasaro wiruanwe

mbere.muri harimo Claudia umukobwa mwiza

wigize igihararumbu.kwiga abifata

nkibitamucira ishati umwanya munini

awumarana na basore bohanze ahana nabo

gahunda yokumusohokana.mbese aricuruza

kugahuru.Kubwibyo mugutaha iwabo Yabanje

kuzuza gahunda yarafitanye numusore

wumwarabu muri hotel.ntumbaze uko

baziranye.kurikira inkururu..


.byahuriranye namasaha neza Glad yagiye

kwakiraho chambres.Claudia wariwageze muri

hotel kare yabonye Glad yaka chambre yibaza

uwo bagiye kurarana

mwibuke ko yamwigishije.murayo matsiko yose

yahise acungira hafi ashaka kumenya ninde

Glad azanye.Mukanya gato akubitwa ninkuba

abonye ari becka bazanye.umukobwa

wicyitegererezo bose bemera bamwe bakana

bimwangira.Claudia arumirwa ati"Isi

yaricuritse koko ntawokwizerwa

ukibaho."amaze kubona Chambre Glad

akodesheje mumutima ati"Ayamakuri

ndayacuruza ye!ntibakigire beza

bataturuta."ubwo nibwo Glad yasubiraga hanze

kuzana becka ngamwereke chambre.Claudia

nawe atangirabumubare ahita Yirukir mu bag

yawamwarabu we bisanaho yari muri douche

cg ahandi.claudia ati"nziko aburuhu rwera

mudatana nogufotora amusaka Digital camera

ayivanamo yihuta,ashaka umwe mubakozi ba

hotel bamwe basasa ibitndana bakora amasuku

binjira muri chambre uko bashatse.aramuh

amagara ati"Ntakabuza usanzwe ukina izi deal

nubikora neza ndaguha dix mille."Undi

ati"Mbwira ndabikora uko ubimbwiye

intambwe kuyindi"

.Claudia amwereka ya Digital ati"Nakuyemo

flashe cg umurabyo.mbese ubu irimo gufotora

nubwo utabibona kd irimuri Auto

shooting.mbese irikoresha ifotora mpaka.none

vayo nkwereke chambre uyinshiriramo.ushyira

ahantu heza nkumuntu uhazi.mugitindo

ninsanga amafoto nshaka arimo ndaguha

ahubwo15 milles ndazamuye"Undi ati"rwose

nibitaribi ndabikora bamwe bansaba gu camera

kanswe ibi.umamafaranga uyashyire hafi

gusa."Nguko uko camera yageze mucyumba

cya becka mbere yuko we ahagera

hifashishijweumukozi wa hatel.


.Murukerera becka na Glad babyutse,mwibuke

ko backa niwe wasohotse muri chambre

bwanyuma.wamukozi araza afata ya Digital

ayiha claudia aramwishyura.Claudia amafoto

aya loading kuri phone ye.ayoherereza Bibio

wo muri part13 ati"Ubwo butumwa bumpere

chris amenyeko yiringiye ikirimo ubusa.kd

ufatireho.umenye guteretera

mubyago"muricyo gitondo kimwe nibwo

amafoto yageze kuri chris.


Tugaruke kuri becka nibwo message

akiyifungura mukureba abona ni chris wahoreje

message.arasoma dore ngarahita yijima

akokanya akaba ikiragi.ntiyongera kuvugana na

Glad ijambo narimwe.kurinda bagera murugo.

Glad amugejeje iwabo aramusezera we akomeza

kukazi.Becka yasanze mama aribwo agishoka

ntibaganira byinshi kuko yaragiye

kukazai.maze.becka yinjira munzu asuhuza

basaza be umwanya muto aricara arongera

asoma ya message yumva ko ntakabuza chris

haruwamubwiye ukuri.ko yaraye muri

hotel.yibuka ibyo Glad amubwiye ngo yabonye

Claudia.ariko yumva Claudia atariwe wabikora

ahubwo akeka Glad.maze ahita amuhamagara

ati"Mubantu bose kwisi.maze guhura nabo

niweho mugome.nabonye!sinzi inyungu

ubifitemo gusa wabikoranye ubwenge.icyampa

amaso yange ntakongere kukubona ukundi"


.Ahita akupa ...Glad yibajije ibibaye kuri becka

batandukanye ntakibazo none akaba

amuhamagaye amubwira ayo magambo.acyibaz

a byinshi ngo amuhamagare amusobanuze,hari

message yamugezeho kunimero atazi abona ni

whatsapp namafoto.araymfungura mukureba

akubitwa ninkuba abonye burikimwe cyabereye

muri chambre yarimo na becka

cyarafotowe.maze uwohereje amafoto

ati"Ndashaka500 milles cg mbandagaze weho

na becka.uhawe isaha imwe akaba amaze

kugera kuri account ngiye kuguha.siaha yagera

utarayohereza ibindi urabisanga nkumbuga za

internet mumitwe igira iti"Umwarimu yafotowe

asambana numwana yigishaga!!"


.Glad umutwe yumvise noneho wuzuyemo

urusaku rwinzuki.abura icyakora arahaguruka

afunga ibiro.ahita amenya impmvu becka

amuhamagaye atyo.Glad we ntawundi yahise

akeka atari Claudia.ahamagaye number

yohereje amafoto asanga ntiriho.akokanya

yumva sinzi uwariwe abura icyakora ahamagara

mushutiwe David.ati"ngira inama ibintu

byankomeranye"David ati"nibiki?"Undi

ati"Narinapanze umupangu ndetse wanageze

kuntego.undi acaruhinga nyuma apangiraho

uwe none arikunyaka500milles.gusa siyo

ambabaje ahubwo mbabajwe numwana

wabandi ushobora nokwiyahura kubwigisebo

kimugiyeho"David ati"Nsobanurira neza!"Glad

ati"mubyukuri uzukuntu nkunda

becka.narinabonye amahirwe yokumwereka

komukunda kd komuri kamere yange

niyubaha.mvana nawe ikigali tugeze ruhango

nacomoye bouje yimodoka mbishaka urumva

imodoka yanga kwaka.kwarukugirango ndebe

ko namarana na becka ijoro rimwe kugitanda

kimwe ntamucokoje,ibyo wenda abyibazeho

basi bimuhindure.maze mwemeza ko ntakundi

uretse kurara muri hotel bigoye yaje

kwemera.afata chambre.ndongera

ndamubeshya ko chambre zashize ankundira

kurarahamwe nawe ndara ntanahindukiye.

bisanaho umutima we warutangiye kunyibazaho

ariko harundi byose wabyangije. wabirebaga

afotora burikimwe.none anyoherereje amafoto

yanjye na becka kugtanda kimwe muri

chambre.ndetse becka nawe asanuwabimenye.

none byose abingeretseho.kd nuwafotoye

ntamuzi.ngira inama ndakwinginze!"


.David yarumiwe ati"URUKUNDO

SHENGE"yabwiye Glad ati"ihutire kwishyura

ayomafaranga amafoto atarakwirakwira ngagere

kure kd ushake ukurikose.maze uzuguhe

becka,ntakabuza icyo washakaga cyokukwizera

niyemera ukuri nubundi uraba urimfura

kuriwe!"Glad ati"Urakoze cyane!"David

ati"nyuma yabyose ndagukeneye birakwiye ko

iyomikino uyivamo"


Kurundi ruhande becka yaramaze kumera

nkumusazi.yaramaze umwanya munini

ahamagara chris ngo amusobanurire ariko

agasanga nticamo.kwiheba kuba kwinshi

amarira aba yose yicuza ibyabaye.arangije

asanga ntakindi cyogukora usibye kujya kureba

Chris akamusobanurira byose yakwemera

akamubarira cg yakwanga akamenya

ahahagaze.mwibuke ko becka we atazi ibijyanye

namafoto.yumvaga haribyo chris yabwiwe

akwiye gusobanura.Urukundo sikintu ntiyegeza

tuza kuvayaza ahubwo ahitamo gusubira ikigali

shishi itabona ngabonane na chris.Ahaguruka

ntawe abwiye.nyamara uko ahagurutse ndagira

ngonkuzane i kigali kwa Chris.chrisbnawe ubwe

harurugendo arimo kwitegura

kujyamo.mwisura yagahinda aracishamo

agahagarara akiyumvira amarira agashoka

kumatama.arangije kwitegura,mumpano ye

yokwamabara akaberwa yafashe Bage ye ntoye

asezera mama we arasohoka

......NEX PART

Olivier VIP

Last time Glad entered Becca’s room and closed the door.

What happened?

Let us continue…

Becca was so scared and Glad started talking to her gently!

Glad: don’t worry its okay!  Do not think of anything that I can’t do!

Becca: so what have you come to do here?

Glad: please hold on; if you want me to go in jail than screams!

Becca: ok tell me what you want here.

Glad: please, keep this in mind. I respect myself and I always protect my reputation. So please don’t take for granted what I need to tell you!

Becca: ok, I am listening!

Glad: I am very surprised! They just ran out of the rooms. The time I came to pay, there was only one room remaining. There are so many students sleeping here like us.

Becca: then what do you want?

Glad: what don’t you understand? I am not a glutton that I am going to eat you alive, please let me sleep here so in the morning, we will continue our journey!

Becca: I was such a fool! Sure. Was this your plan? Probably the car was not even broken down!

Glad: Becca, do not think of nothing about me; I was thinking that you are kind woman but I am surprised! I will go out and sleep in my car no matter what happens to me.

(As soon as he opened the door, Becca pulled him back and said calmly)

Becca: I would rather go out. Please sleep here and I will sleep outside in your car.

Glad: it is not good to complicate things like this. I have told you the truth and it’s contrary to what you are thinking about. Because you don’t want to trust me, I will let you sleep here then we meet tomorrow morning down below.

Becca: hold on, take it easy! What is your wish? And I am so sorry, trusting someone is not a once and for all process.

Glad: I wanted us to handle this situation peacefully! This is a king size bed. I will lie on the edge and you will take the other side. And if you find me making weird movement, scream for help!

While they were handling the problem, Becca’s telephone rang. (Remember, in the holidays, the students are given back their phones) This was Chris trying to reach out to her on phone that night! She got heart beat and she was thinking of what to tell him.

Glad: who’s calling?

Becca: it’s Chris. What should I tell him?

Glad: don’t be young, answer the telephone quickly and tell him that you have arrived home safely and talk to him like you guys use to.

Becca: (she answered telephone) yes honey!

Chris: have reached home love?

Becca: (she remained silent but she had no choice) yes I have reached home very recently!

Chris: ok great! I am not comfortable where I am, I wanted to make sure you reached home safely!

(He hung up the telephone immediately and Becca complained with Glad about telling Chris lies)

Becca: you deceived me and I told him lies!

Glad: so what would happen if you tell him the truth; that you are in hotel with Glad? And again you have to know that sometimes falsehood solve problems instead of telling the truth and break trust!

Becca: you are wrong! Truth does not ruin things, unless you deliver it differently! So what would be ruined if Chris knew all happened to us?  

Glad: ok that’s how you understand it. So shall we sleep now?

Becca: I can’t lie to Chris that I am at home and then sleep with you. Sleep on bed and will spend night on the floor. I am bothered anyway.

Glad: ok

Glad chose to sleep and Becca chose to be sitting on the floor all night long. At dawn, Glad woke up to take shower and when Becca woke up she found herself lying on the same bed as Glad. She was insisting before she fell asleep, but she didn’t know how she got on the bed. She checked herself and she found out that nothing happened. She was still in her clothes and Glad did not try to touch her! Then when she was thinking a lot about that situation, Glad came back and said,

Glad: I am sorry, you were just falling into a deep slumber and I decided to bring you on the bed. You suspected what I could never do for you and I can never think of hurting you; you know that I love you. Ok I think you want to go to the bathroom, you will find me down below with a mechanic.

He went outside and Becca went into the bathroom to take shower. In the bathroom, she began to think about Glad, how he didn’t force her to sleep with him. The person she didn’t trust before; she thought Glad might be a good friend who has good morals and when she came back into her room, Chris was calling her on the telephone.

Chris: how do you feel to wake up without attending the class?

Becca: it’s very good, but to wake up knowing that I will not see you is not easy to bear it in mind!

Chris: be strong love, very soon I will come to see you and I hope we will have a good time together!

Becca: I will be glad and I look forward to meeting you!

Chris: are you still in bed?

Becca: no, I just woke up.

Chris: honey, what are you doing now?

Becca: my mom wants to send me somewhere.

Chris: can I say hi to her if she is woken up?

Becca: no, she is still sleeping. I will tell her when she wakes up.

Chris: ok. We will talk later.

Becca: it’s okay honey!

Becca lied to him about everything the way she was not expecting to. However, she felt like she had no other explanation. She knew she had done nothing wrong but thinking of the way she told him lies since last night, Becca burst into tears! She was sad but she thought she had no choice. After getting dressed, she just got out finding Glad outside with the car and it was fixed and they pulled away.

They drove talking all the way and Glad began to tell Becca about his character.

Glad: I know that a person a lot of things in mind but you realize their wrongful acts once they commit them. So I can’t do what you thought I would do.

Becca: I apologize to you for my mistakes about last night, like I was not able to trust you but I am sorry for what happened. You would behave in the same way if you were me…I am still feeling strange about spending a night in hotel with a man.

They kept talking through their long journey until they reached there. Becca was mentally judgmental to herself. She was kind of judging herself about the choice she made at the hotel.

I want you to follow the story. On the same day, Chris received a message in his phone through whatsapp. He saw so many photos and he downloaded them. After seeing the photos, Chris felt so scared and got heart beat. He thought he could be dreaming because it wasn’t easy to believe what he saw in the photos. When Becca was in hotel with Glad someone took them photos. He took everything from the very start until morning and he sent the photos to Chris. He took these photos professionally and everything was quite clear to Chris. The photos were accompanied by these words: Chris this film was shot in hotel jut to hurt your heart. NEXT EPISODE

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Duheruka Glad yinjira muri chambre Becka

arimo.ashyiraho urugi arakinga.

.Ese byaje kugenda bite?


.Reka dukomeze

.Becka arikanga cyane maze Glad ati"humura

ntakibazo utankekera ibyo ntakora!"becka

arasakuza ati"uje hano gukora ikise?"Glad

ati"banza utuze cg niba gutabaza aricyo wumva

cyiza ngafungwa nzira ubusa bikore!"Becka

ati"Ngaho mbwira icyushaka ahangaha"Glad

ati"banza unyubahe umenye nuwo

ndiwe.ndumusore wiyubaha kd uharanira

kurengera icyubahiro cyange.rero igitekerezo

cyange ucyubahe!"becka ati"ngaho mbwira

nyine!"Glad ati"ntunguwe nogusanga chambre

zashize mugihe najyaga kwaka iyange.aha

huzuyemo abanyeshuri bacumbitse

nkuku!!"becka ati"none wagirango?"Glad

ati"nonese icyutumva niki?sindi gisimba ngo

ndakurya ihangane turarane ubundi mugitondo

tuzinduke kubwurugendo rwacu"becka ati"prof

Glad ese burya byose byarikumigambi yawe?

ubanza nimodoka itapfuye!"Glad ati"becka

winkekera ubusa,gusa nakekaga ko

urumunyembabazi.ariko ndatunguwe.reka

nsohoke njye kurara mumodoka yanjye banyica

batanyica simbizi"akingura urugi mugusohoka

becka aramufata ati"Ahubwo ninge

wasohoka.plz sigara ngende"Glad ati"sibyiza ku

wagorana gutyo.ntacyo ntakweretse ko rwose

ibyukeka ataribyo ariko kuko wamfashe uko

ntari iryamire tuzabonana ejo.mbaye

nkiriho!"becka ati"Oya basi tubyoroshye

icyifuzo cyawe nikihe kd umbabarire kwizera

umuntu biva kure!"Glad ati"icyifuzo

nugukemura ikibazo uko tugisanze ukemera

twembi tukaryama kuriki gitanda,nikinini pe

wigireyo ntunyegerere nange sinkwegera.nge

niwumva ngize nokwiseganya uvuze induru!"


.Bakiraho becka phoneye yarasonnye (mwibuke

ko basubizwa phone bafunze)arebye abona ni

chris.ahahhhh umutima dore nguramurya

akabura uko yifata.Glad ati"ninde

uguhamagaye?"undi ati"ni chr,ubuse

ndamubwira ngwiki koko?""Glad ati"wiba

umwana ngo utinde kumwitaba weho mwitabe

umubwire ko wageze murugo.muganire

ibisanzwe!!Becka afata phone ati"Yes

chou"chris ati"wagezeyo bebe?"becka

araceceka ariko asanga ntakindi gisubizo afite

ati"Yego ngezeyo mukanya!"amubeshya

umutima umurya.chris ati"Ok ubu ndahantu

ntisanzuye kuvuga nashakaga kumenya

kowageze murugo amahoro."ahita

anakupa.becka atonganya Glad ati"uranshutse

ndamubeshya"Glad araseka ati"ubwose urumva

yumubwiza ukuri ko urikumwe na Glad muri

chambre imwe ya hotel byarikugenda bite?

ikindi ugomba kumenya rimwe narimwe

harikibazo ikinyoma gikemura mugihe

yohakoreshwa ukuri harikwangirika

byinshi"becka ati"wibeshya ukuri kuzuye

ntakintu nagito kwangiza.yo kereka kuvuzwe

igice.ubuse chris amenye ibyatubayeho byose

byakwangiza iki?ikibi ahubwo nukuri kuvanze

nikinyoma"Glad ati"Ok ubwo niko ubyumva!

nonese turyame?"Becka ati"nge sinshobora

kuryama hamwe nawe ngeretseho kubeshya

chris ko ndimurugo.ahubwo ryama ndarara

nicaye aho.nabyo kd birambangamiye."Glad



.Glad yahisemo kwiryamira.becka nawe

ahitamo kurara yicaye.habaye murukurera Glad

arabyuka ajya gufata douche.becka nawe

kumbe niba ibitotsi byaramubanye byinshi

yagiye kwibona abona akangutse

arikugitanda.aheruka yanga kuryama ntazi igihe

ibitotsi byamuganjirije Glad akamuryamisha..

yahise agira ubwoba cyane yisuzumye abona

yambaye uko yakabaye.ndetse rwose ntakintu

Glad yagerageje gukora.acyibaza byinshi

arabyuka Glad aba aragarutse ati"Umbabarire

ibitotsi byari bigutuye hasi 3 ubwa kane

urarambarara mpitamo kukuryamisha.

wankekeye ubusa sindumuhehesi.kd naho nabawe

ndagukinda sinaguhemukira.arambara arangije

arasohoka ati"ndakeka nawe ukenera douche

nyarutsa uransanga kumodoka ngiye

kuhahurira numukanishi"


.Glad aragenda.becka nawe ajya gufata

douche.ageze muri douche yatangiye kwibaza

kuri Glad umuhungu baryamanye ijoro

ryose.nyamara akaba ntakintu nagito

yamutwaye.yibaza niba byabaho koko kumuntu

atizeraga nagato,yumva koko Glad ashobora

kuba ayoborwa nubupfura budasanzwe.avuye

muri douche yasubiye muri chambre asanga

chris arikumuhamagara arambwitaba.chris

ati"Bimeze bite kuryama utaribubyukire muri

etude?"Becka ati"nibyiza cyane,gusa nyine

kubyuka nziko ndibwirirwe ntakubonye nabyo

birangoye!!Chris ati"chr humura vubaha cyane

nzagusura kd nziko tuzagirana ibihe

byiza.!!"Becka ati"biza nshimisha kd

ndategereje"Chris ati"uracyaryamye se?"becka

ati"Oya nabyutse?"Chris ati"Urigukora

iki?"undi ati"Mama haraho ashaka

kuntuma"Chris ati"subundi niba nawe yabyutse

wamumpaye nkamusuhuza"Becka ati"we aracya

ryamye nabyuka ndamuguha"chris ati"kambe

nkuretse rero ubwo naho bumaze

cyucya!"becka ati"sawa chou"


.Mbega becka!!yasukiranije ibinyoma muburyo

atateguye.nyamara yumvaga ntakindi

gisobanuro afite.kuko yaraziko umutima we

ntanakimwe wakoze wakigimbiriye

mubyamubayeho byose.ariko yibutse ukuntu

kuva nijoro yabeshye chris araturika

ararira.agahinda karamwica.ariko agasanga

ntayandi mahitamo yarafite.amaze.kwisiga

arambara asanga Glad kumodoka.asanga imaze

gutungana arinjira baratsimbura.umuhanda

wose bagiye baganira.Glad agenda amwemeza

ko adakwiye gukekera umuntu ubusa ati"ndazi

ko umuntu yagutse ahishe ikibi nicyiza ariko

kimwe muribyo kimenyekana aruko agikoze

kuguhemukira rero sinabikora"Becka nawe

agenda amwumvisha ko yamufataga uko atari

ko ati"kd umbabarire kumyitwarire yose mibi

nagize ngukekera ubusa.ariko kd naw

byakubaho.ndetse ndacyumva ntameze neza

kubwo kurarana numuhungu muri

hotel."bakomeje kuganira kurinda bagera

ibutare.nyamara becka yumvaga atarikumwe

numutima namawe.yumvaga ibyabaye byose

asa nuwabigizemo uruhare.nyamara ntarwo.


.Ndagusaba ngukurikire inkuru witonze

muruwo musi umwe Chris we akiryamye yagiye

kumva yumva message imugezeho arebye

abona ni whatssap.abona namafoto.arayafungura

ngarebe.mukureba yarikanze ahita abyuka

umutima umuvamo aritegereza yumva ibyareba

atarukuri.kumbe ntakindi arikureba.ahumu

tindi yanitse ntiriva kuko ubwo becka yarimuri

hotel na Glad bisa naho haruwa fotoraga

burikimwe kugeza bukeye.maze amwe murayo

mafoto abariyo yohererezwa Chris. amafoto

yafotoranywe ubuhanga kd murabizi ko ifoto

ivuga. buri foto yoherejwe niya sobanura

byinshi kuri Chris. nuko azaherekejwe

namagambo ngo(CHRIS IYO FILM YO


HOTEL UMUCYO RUHANGO).......NexT arko ushaka wakwikomereza iyi nkuru hamwe www.truelove-Africa.comndetse ukaba wakwibonera  umukunzi muberanye, Next PaRt.

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Last time love was growing so quickly between Chris and Becca. However, Becca’s mother and Glad are planning!

What happened?

Let us continue…

Becca’s mother:  go ahead. I will never regret what I can help you now.

(Glad was very happy to hear that from Becca’s mother)

Glad: that’s great! If people are together, nothing can stop them from loving each other and it is always difficult to love someone in a distance. I think if I would be teaching Becca right now, we could be in love. So this is what I wanted to ask, is it possible that Becca changes her school next year so that I will be able to see her quite often?  We can get to know each other very well. Don’t worry about the school fees, I can help you!

Becca’s mother: Glad, stop beating about the bush. I know what you are talking about. I want to assure you that next year Becca has to study here in our district and trust me that I have authority over my daughter and she can always accept my decision for her schooling. I always even wonder why she doesn’t like you. You are a handsome guy and you are not poor and how come she made you feel this way! I am going to deal with it and you will see the result as soon as possible!

They made plans but they didn’t realize that love needs no mediator to work out. Becca and Chris were so deep in love back in school even thought they were about to sit for exams but they could not allow each other to be lonely! They could take few minutes to talk and use them effectively! And they were satisfied! Their love grew strong and made so many people jealous. Bibio, one of the school singers and Chris’ neighbor back home was also jealous of their love.  Her companions began to encourage her saying “Chris shares talent with you and you guys come from the same town, how can Becca win Chris’ heart before you?”   

Gasaro was also Jealous of Becca because Becca was so smart and that she performed excellent in their class. Gasaro and her clue convinced Bibio to destroy Becca’s love intentionally!

Bibio: I have never loved Chris and of course he doesn’t like me, but as you said it bothers me to see them together and happy every day. They seem to be like prince and princess in love’s kingdom.

Gasaro: you see, you and I have the same intention. And you know exactly where to start because you know Chris very well due to the fact that you sing together and you guys live close to each other back home. Let’s do it like this, before we end this school term, we will have school party so try your best to occupy Chris in his rehearsals so that he will not be able to make time for Becca. Becca will start to think a lot about it. Then I myself will be convincing her that Chris does no longer love her; the one she gave her heart and her time hurt her and messed up with her life.

They made their plans however; Chris and Becca did not know anything. During the exams period, Chris’ mother came to visit him at school but she didn’t come alone. She came with another man and it was kind of a surprise because Chris was not informed of that visitation! When they arrived in school, they began to look for him but the disciple master helped them to inform Chris of his visitation. When Chris was coming happily toward his mother, he saw someone else with his mother and he stopped smiling.

Chris: mom, don’t tell me that this is my uncle I only saw in photos?

Chris’ mother: this is your father’s brother. Yes, he is called Joffre and of course you knew him only in photos. He went to England when you were four years old and he is coming back right now.

Chris felt like Joffre was his real father and he hugged and the tears rolled down their cheeks! Chris asked his mother why she did not tell him that she would come with his uncle so that she could have prepared, but his mother said she didn’t know it too! After a few minutes of conversation, his mother asked him.

Chris’ mother: where is Becca?

Chris: I can tell her to come and say hi. Remember, I was not informed the fact that she is not prepared.

(Becca came along with Chris and she greeted them and she was seated with them)

Joffre: I am glad to see you and honestly I think about you and I want you to come to England when you finish your secondary school to continue postgraduate studies.

(Chris and Becca looked at each other and remained silent)

Joffre: Chris, does it sound clear to you?

Chris was kind of speechless. What seemed to be the good news to him became a problem and he didn’t hesitate to say something.

Chris: uncle, I feel like it’s not easy to leave my mom alone!

Chris’ mother:  don’t worry; I and Joffre have already talked about coming to see you every holiday!

(Chris and Becca were so scared when they heard that Chris would not be able to come back to Rwanda for holidays)

Chris: (he said boldly) uncle, this girl is called Becca, she loves me and I love her so much! So how would I be staying in England without coming back? Or she will always come over with my mom? There is a university here, why can’t you let me take my undergraduate studies here?

(His uncle looked at him laughing)

Joffre: stop talking about your love that is burning inside you all! You have to think about your future, that’s all!

They kept arguing with each other about going to England until they went back home. On the other side Becca had nothing to say about it however, she was thinking that if Chris left the country, she would regret falling in love with him. And when Chris’ mother and his uncle left, Becca started a conversation with him.

Becca: it’s not wise to stop you from going abroad from your undergraduate studies, but I could be telling lies if I say I will not be sad and lonely!

Chris: I know one mistake I will never make in life, leaving you! And I know for fact that I will not be able to study without you.

It was time about to go in the holidays. Bibio and Gasaro had their plans ruined. After exams Gasaro was caught drinking and she was sent packing. And others including Bibio were afraid of making any mistake. They didn’t have any bad plan against Chris and Becca due to the fact that the school party they were expecting did not even take place.

It was time to go back home for holidays, this was the worse days for the two lovers. While others were happy to go home, Chris and Becca were so disappointed to leave each other. Even though love was driving them crazy, they got excellent marks on their school reports and they passed! As soon as they finished getting school reports, Chris left the school immediately as he was needed by his uncle back home. Becca accompanied him but they were both sad. It wasn’t as easy as you might think to bid each other goodbye! Chris assured Becca that he would be coming to visit her in those holidays and that they would be talking quite often on phone. Chris left and Becca went back in school to prepare herself to leave too. Becca arranged everything and when she was about to leave her friend Teta got sick and she thought she could not leave her alone.  They passed the hospital and Teta was welcomed immediately because they were still in their school uniforms.  Becca waited for Teta quite long and finally Teta was hospitalized and Becca was obliged to contact Teta’s parents to come and take care of her! In the afternoon, Becca entered the room where Teta was lying to say goodbye!

She left and when she reached the bus station, there were so many students waiting for the busses and the majority was going in the same direction as Becca. She didn’t buy a ticket yet she decided to call her mother to explain to her the problem she had. Her mother said she knew many people there and she assured her that she would find someone to give her a free ride. Becca came out of the bus station and stood on the sidewalk near the gas station. Immediately there passed a car and pulled over, he rolled down his car window and told her to get on. It was Glad and Becca got on the car and they drove south. It was around 5pm and Becca started having a conflicting mind just wondering about that free ride. She had a weird feeling about it and Glad drove talking to her and they shared jokes. In the middle of the way the care began to cause troubles in that night and eventually the car broke down.  Glad got off the car to check and he came to found out that the problem was very serious.

Glad: we could not keep driving!

Becca: Why?

(He cooled her down and he explained to her that it wasn’t his fault to have his car broken on the way)

Becca: ok, can I use your phone? I can call my friends who live here to accommodate me tonight!

(He gave her a phone but the person she called was not available on phone)

Glad: what is the problem?

Becca: I will go!

Glad: ok. I can find you a moto taxi. Come early tomorrow. I will find a mechanic to fix the problem.

(She took a moto taxi and after a little while Glad saw Becca coming back sadly)

Glad: what happened?

Becca: they are not available. They went in the city to visit their relatives.

Glad: don’t worry Bacca, there is a hotel quite close, I can pay two rooms: one for you and another one for me then we meet here in the morning.

(She had a lot of thoughts in her mind and after a few seconds she accepted it)

Becca: ok, I can sleep there.

Glad went to the hotel to pay the rooms and came back to tell Becca that everything is fixed. Becca did not blame herself because she had no other alternative. She was not used to stay in hotel but she accepted it that night. She entered her room and put down her bag and sat on the bed thinking. Suddenly Glad entered her room and closed the door. NEXT EPISODE

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Olivier VIP

Duheruka urukundo rucibintu hagati ya chris

na becka.nyamara Mama becka na Glad nabo

harimigambi barimo.


.ese byaje kugenda bite?



Mama becka ati"kimbwire ndagikora

ubutazacyicuza.nuko Glad arishima cyane

ati"ntiwumva! burya abantu barikumwe

ntacyababuza gukundana ndetse biragoye

gukunda uwutarihafi yawe.mpamyako yabaye

nkyigisha becka ubu tuba twarakundanye.ariko

ntakabuza azakunda abamuri hafi.icyifuzo

cyange rero nuko rwose Becka yahindurirwa

ikigo umwaka utaha akiga inaha externe nkajya

mubona akambona tukamenyerana.nukuri

amafaranga yishuri rye ntakakugore

mpari"Mama becka ati"Glad wikwinginga

ahubwo ndabikwijeje ko atazasubira kwiga

ikigali.kd rwose ubyizere ko kubwimbaraga

umubyeyi afite kumwana becka agomba

kugukunda.nibaza nimpamvu atagukunda.icya

mbere nturumusore mubi ndetse nturumukene

ariko kariya kagoryi ngo niko kakwahagije!byo

se binshinge mubiruhuko uzabona



.Imigambi barayinogeje barayitunganya

ntibarakamenya kurukund atarigikubitwa ngo

kinoge uwurwitambika ruramugonga.niy

ompamvu kwishuri ahaba bari rwose umwotsi

warwo utahwemye gucumba.nubwo baribageze

mubihe byibizame ntibemeraga kwicishanya

irungu.iminota mike cyangwa isaha

barabikoreshaga bakaganira byinshi kd

burumwe muri bombi akanyurwa.urukundo

rwa Chris na becka rwararyoshye rutera benshi

ishyari.muribo hazamo Bibio wabaga mwitsinda

ryabaririmbyi bakora interpretation.

umukobwa wiganaga na chris ndetse akaba

namugenzi we cyane bakanaturana mugace

kamwe iremera.reka abandi bakobwa ishyari

ryasajije bamushuke bamwumvishe ko

arikigoryi kitazi ibyiza.bati"umukobwa ubarizwa

hamwe na chris musa nabasangiye impano

mugaturana,kariya kavantara kagukorana


uwaribikomeye cyane ni Gasaro wangaga Becka

urunuka ngokuko becka yigiraga umuhanga

ushaka kwiyerekana cyane agakunda kugaragaza

itandukaniro.Gasaro nigikundi cye sibwo

bemeje Bibio gusenya urukundo rwa becka na

chris abigambiriye!nyamara Bibio ati"sinigeze

nkunda chris kd nawe ntakunda gusa wamugani

birambangamira kumubonana na becka

burimusi bishimye kuriya,bagaragara

nkibikomangoma mubwami bwurukundo"

Gasaro ati"Ahubwo weho turahuje kd rega

niweho ufite aho wahera.kuko burya uzi neza

chris muriza boom haba ubwo

muririmbanye,ndetse muturuka hamwe,reka

tubikore gutya ndazi neza kombere yogufunga

hazaba boom ifunga umwaka.gerageza

ufatirane chris muma repetition umwanya

wose yahaga becka awuguhe.ntakabuza becka

azatangira yibaze byinshi.nge ubwange

muzamundekere mwumvishe ukuntu chris

yamwanze,umuhungu wumuhemu yahaye

umutima we wose nyamara akazamubabaza

ubuzima bwe bwose."Inama zabaye

izo.nyamara abakunzi ntanakimwe baribazi.


.Muriyi periode yibizame Chris yasuwe namama

we.ariko ntiyaza wenyine ahubwo yazanye

nundi mugabo.bisanaho byari surprise kuko

chris atabibwiwe.bageze kwishuri bashaka


animateur araza ashaka chris ati"wasuwe"arag

enda ngarebe abamusuye mukureba yrishimye

abonye arimama we nyamara arebye abona

nundi arikanga arabanza areba neza

arahindukira abaza nyina ati"Mama ntumbwre

ko uyu ari oncle paternelle wange

nzikumafoto!"Nyina ati"Niwe chris!uyu ni

murumuna waso.niJoffre koko warumuzi

kumafoto gusa.yagiye mubu Bwongereza

ukirumwana wimyaka ine ubu nibwo

agarutse."Chris yifashe nkaho abonye se maze

asingira Joffre barahoberana bombi disi

amarira aragwa.chris abaza mamawe impamvu

atamubwiye ko oncle aza ngo bana musure

mamawe amubwira ko ibyo aribyo

yahisemo.bataratinda mama we yahise

amubaza ati"nonese becka kontamubona?"chris

ati"reka mubwire aze kuko wibuke

komuntunguye sindatinda kumubwira"aragenda

aramuzana mukicyabupfura cyinshi arabasuza

arangije aricara baraganira.bababwira uko

anasomo ameze hashize umwanya Joffre

ati"Chris nishimiye kukubona kd nukuri niweho

amaso yange arangamiye.niyompamvu nifuza

ko ukirangiza ayisumbuye wazansanga

mubwongereza ugakomereza yo

kaminuza"Chris yarebanye na becka maze

bombi bareba hasi.Joffre ati"Sibyo chris"

Chris ikiniga cyahise kimufata.

Icyafatwa nkinkuru nziza kiba ikibazo

kuriwe.maze ntiyarya indimi ahubwo at"papa

konumvagusiga mama bitakoroha" mama we

ati"Humura chri kuko nabiganiye nawe

twemeza ko mugihembwe nzajya

ngusura."chris na becka barikanga bumvise ko

nokuza muri vacance bitarimo.chris ashira

amanga ati"papa uyu mukobwa yitwa Rebecka

arankunda kd nange ndamukunda cyane.none

murumva nagenda ubutagaruka cg azajya azana

na mama.ko inaha harikaminuza akaba

ntakibazo cyokuziriha gihari mwaretse nkiga

ino."sewabo aramureba araseka ati"Ahhh va

mubyurukundo rwanyu rugurumana

nkamashara.wite kurejo hawe ntakindi!"iying

ingo bakomeje kuyijyaho impka barinda

batandukana batayumva kimwe.becka we

kuruhande ntajambo yarafite gusa yumvaga ko

umusumwe ibyo byabaye ahari ashobora

kuzicuza gukundana na chris.maze ababyeyi ba

chris bamaze kugenda becka yihengekana chris

ati"sibyagaciro cg ubwenge kukubuza kujya

kwiga hanze kubwinyungu zawe.gusa nanone

kukubwira ko bitazambabaza nabankuryarye."

Chris nawe acabugufi yegera umukunzi

ati"ngiryo ikosa ntazakora kugusiga.kd nzi neza

ko nange ntaziga ngo byinjire."


.Imisi yogutaha yariyegereje maze yamigambi

yose ya Bibio na Gasaro ahogushyirwa

mubikorwa yose irangirika kuko imitego

isaniyiteguye.bakirangiza exms Gasaro

yafatanwe inzoga mukigo arirukanwa.abandi

batinya kugira andi makosa bishoramo.bareka

chrs na becka boom bakeka ko yaba nayo



. Umusi wogutaha warageze warumusi mubi

kurusha iyindi kubakunzi.mugihe abandi

bishimiraga gutaha,bo bari babajwe cyane


Kd nubwo urukundo rwari rwose muriki

gihembwe ntacyatumye becka na chris

badatsinda neza kumanota ahagije

abimura.maze bakimara gufata billetin chris

ahita ataha ngokuko yarakenewe na oncle

we.becka yaramuherekeje ariko kumpande

zombi ishavu ryari ryinshi.gusezerana biba

ikibazo,nyamara ntakundi byarikugenda uretse

gutandukana.chris yamwijeje kuzamusura

kenshi kd ko phone itazatuza.becka arakunda

arasezera arahindukira nawe ajya kwitegura

gutaha.amasaha yarabaye amanywa,becka

arangije kwitegura hirikibazo cyatumye atinda

kugenda.mugenzi we teta yahise amererwa nabi

maze yanga kumuta atamugejeje kwa muganga

bityo banyura kubitaro kuri Plateaux.bari muri

unforme bahita abakirwa ariko teta agezemo

imbere atindamo cyane ndetse bamuha

igitanda basaba becka guhamara kwa teta

bakaza kureba umwana wabo.becka arabikora

arangije ajya gusezera teta ngon awe

agende,Umusi warumaze kuba igicamusi.


.becka aragenda mukugera nyamubugogo

ahasanga imbag yabanyeshuri.abeshi bataha

mumagyepfo maze agiye gukatisha abona hari

yicke za samoya zijoro.yahise abireka ahubwo

atangira kwibaza uko biza kugenda maze

ahamagara mama we amubwira ikibazo.nyina

ati"Humura rekangushakire rifuti.amubwira

kuva muri gare aahagarara ahitaruye kuri

ENGINE agiye kubona abona Glad amugezeho

ati"injira mumodoka"becka arinjira

barasuhuzanya Glad aratsimbura.becka arebye

kwisaha abona nisakumi nimwe.mumutima we

intambara iravuka yibaza kuriyo rifuti.yumva

arahindutse,Glad agenda amubaza amakuru

bagenda rwose baganira anariko acishamo

akamusetsa.mukanyagato baribageze mu

Ruhango.namasaha yijoro yarageze.nyamara

ibyago byabo imodoka yahise ibapfiraho yanga

kugenda rwose.Glad avamo arasuzuma asanga

nibintu bitoroshye abwira becka ati".tabwo

urugendo rukomeza"becka arashiduka

ati"Kuberiki?"Glad aramuturisha

aramusobanurira amwumvishako ntaruhare

naruto abifitemo.becka ati"ntacyo ntiza phone

mpamagare abavandimwe bange batuye hano

INyamagana mbabwire konje kurara."Glad

arayimuha ariko becka asang phone

ntiriho.ati"ndapfa kugenda!"Glad

ati"ntacyonkangutegere moto.ejo uzaze kare

kuko ndashaka umukanishi kare maze

dutahe"Amutegera moto harihafi

iramunyarukana hatarashira iminota15 Glad

abona becka agarukanye agahinda

kenshi.ati"bigenze bite!"becka ati"ngo bagiye

kigali!"Glad ati"humura becka,aha hari Hotel

Umucyo ndagufatira chambre nange mfate

iyange.duhurire aha mugitondo"becka yumvise

noneho yikoreye isi yose intekerezo ziba

uruhuri.aratekereza cyane arangije ati"ngaho

mfatira chambre ndryame"Glad aragenda

arayifata arangije aragaruka ati"ngwino

uryame"Becka aragenda.yumvaga adakwiye

kwigaya.ntakundi yarikubigenza aremera arara

muri hotel ikintu yangaga urunuka

kiramugwirira.maze yera uruje.ageze muri

chambre arambika bage.yicara kugitanda

atangira kwiyumvira.akiraho Glad yinjiye

muriyo chambre ye ahita ashyiraho urugi

arakinga..... nkwibutse ko hamwe na Truelove-Africa.com wakwikomereza iyi nkuru nizindi nyinshi zitandukanye kuri website zirihe Netx PART.

Olivier VIP

Last time Becca was seriously sick but they were waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis. Some were saying she was poisoned and Chris was totally confused about the matter.

What happened?

Let us continue…

They contacted her mother right away. Chris was there wondering what happened to her in a few hours after they got back in school. Immediately Chris was also attacked by the same disease as Becca. Things became much worse than before!

I want you to follow the story carefully. The disease was spread into the dormitory and it passed to every student there and there were very few students who were not affected by the disease.

This is what happened. In the kitchen, the cooks were having a conversation about it and one of them packed his stuff and said “I know I have made myself a sacrifice for you all. What I have done with the food will make them care for you. They will give you good salaries.” After talking to them, he escaped and went away. Again one cook among them was also afraid and said “we are deceived”.  The other one replied “don’t worry, it is planned well.” And he said, “I think we will be suspected soon now.”  While they were talking, headmaster came in the kitchen and caught them whispering to each other and said “I want to know more about the food you fed the students.”  “I think you can ask Gasimba and he has already escaped” replied one of the cooks. He was mentioning the one who escaped few hours ago. “He did it in a secret and none of us knows anything about it. He said he did it intentionally to see whether the school administration changes something; that you should care for the cooks.” He continued.  I don’t understand, it seems to me that you are all involved. You will suffer the consequences of your actions if someone dies here” Argued headmaster.  

Headmaster left the kitchen and ordered that all affected students had to be taken to the hospital, then they would deal with the cooks later. The cooks kept being afraid and some of them planned to escape the school but one of them encouraged them saying “don’t worry; I know for sure none of the students is gonna die. In addition to that, we haven’t done anything. The one who did it escaped already. I am telling you that the disease will not even last for an hour, they will be fine soon and I want to tell you that none of us could be fired because it would be such shameful for a brilliant school like this to have eaten contaminated food. I want you all to refuse your accusation. You will be cared for and Gasimba’s courage will be taken into consideration after all!”

Headmaster phoned a private doctor immediately to come and examine the students.  The doctor found out that the food eaten by the students was mixed up with kind of poisoning drug which causes severe stomach pain and vomiting.  He said that the disease lasts for about 10-48 hours, meaning they ate food last evening. He assured them that the cure would solve the problem and all would be fine. It just happened like he said after the supper many students including Becca and Chris were fine.  In early morning next day, all the cooks were fired from their work. Everything was lined up again and the lessons went on the same way. During that school term Becca’s mom had a plan to visit her at school. She got started her new work; she was working in the same organization as Glad. It was obvious that she got all her problems solved because of Glad who gave her the work. When she was going to visit Becca at her school, Glad gave a free ride and they drove talking.

Glad: actually I have something I failed and would like to tell you about it.

Becca’s mother: I am listening!

Glad: I have loved someone but I know for sure that she doesn’t love me.  I failed to forget about her and it seems like she gave me love potion.

Becca’s mother: who is that girl? What kind of girl has rejected you?

Glad: don’t be surprised if I say your daughter. It’s Becca.

Becca’s mother:  (said astoundingly) how possible? You loved Becca and she rejected you?

Glad: yes, she said no!

Becca’s mother: my son, leave it in my hands! I know what to do with that.

Glad: (he smiled) honestly if you can make it for me to marry your daughter, you will never regret your decision.

Becca’s mother: I said, leave this in my hands!

They reached in the city and they left each other. Becca’s mother headed to her daughter’s school. Becca seemed to know everything about this visitation as she was informed by her mom before. So she told Chris that it could be such good opportunity to be introduced to her mom and get to know each other. They were so excited about it and in a few minutes; her mom arrived in the school. Discipline master gave them time to talk and she told her daughter that everything has changed home, that Cedrick and Bruno, Becca’s two brothers will start to get schools fees next year. She told her that she had a job she never thought she would have in the same organization as Glad. Becca was extremely happy to hear that but she didn’t hide her worries about Glad finding her a job she was not qualified for.  Becca’s mother had known the truth that Glad loved Becca but Becca rejected him and she took Becca’s worries for granted!

When Becca’s mother was about to go back home, Becca asked her mom to hold on a minute “mom, wait a little bit, there is a person wishes to greet you” Chris came but as soon as Becca’s mother saw Chris, she supposed them to be in love. She was obviously not happy for him but she smiled at him. She wanted to know him very well but Becca told her that he was her fellow student. Becca’s mother did not take much of her time thinking about it even if she realized that they were in love. She gave Becca what she brought her and bade them goodbye!

Chris showed Becca that he was happy for her mom. He told Becca that her mom is beautiful and kind mom and yet Becca’s mother went back home saying “It won’t work out for you when I am still alive. Becca deserves to belong to Glad”.  And this was quite true because Glad had done so much for her. He was a gentleman with kind heart. In addition to that, it is easy to fight for someone you know rather than a stranger. Becca’s mother knew Glad very well and she was interested in him. She didn’t know Chris though! She felt Glad deserved to fall in love with her daughter, not because he found her a job but she was considering Glad as someone who could bear responsibility and take care for her in the future. So she went home with the purpose of keeping both of them together.

However, she didn’t realize that the amazing love is like a lion in the forest. And that no one can lead love, it finds a way itself! This is why love kept driving Becca and Chris crazy back in school. And one day in the evening Becca thought a lot about Chris and she began to dream during the day. She found herself forming a family with her lover, she found herself in front of the crowd witnessing that she would love Chris until death. She found herself in the wedding witnessing that she would live with Chris in good and bad. Amazing love, that was the best dream ever! She felt she could stay in the dream but she wanted to prepare for the evening prep. She was not at ease, she was thinking a lot. She was deep in thoughts saying in her heart “what if this dream could not come true?”

The school term was about to end and whey were approaching exams period. Chris and Becca were feeling in strange way. Sometimes they could meet and talk until when they had nothing else to say but staring in each other’s eyes only. And they were always unhappy when it came to separating for different school activities. Each one of them was wondering how they could live without each other in holidays but they had no answer. Often time, when Becca was feeling the same way she could ask Chris if he truly loved her. Thinking about the way Becca loved him, Chris could not come up with the exact answer and he kept quite. But of course Becca knew the truth about it but could always ask the same question.  Their love was so stronger than ever before. They were always on fire like a burning furnace.

I want you to follow the whole story. The more this love went further the more Becca’s mother and Glad at home were making strategies to change Becca.

One day after work Glad came rushing toward Becca’s mother and asked her something.

Glad: if you really like Is and Becca to fall in love, I am going to ask you a favor. If you do it, Becca will be in my hands!

Becca’s mother: I am ready to do everything that can make Becca your lover and I will never regret it! NEXT EPISODE…

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Duheruka becka afashwe nuburwayi

butaramenyekana.bamwe babwita

amarozi.chris byaribyamucanze.

.ese byaje kugenda bite?

.Reka dukomeze.

.Byabaye ngomwa ko bashaka

ukobamenyesha iwabo wa becka.chris waraho

adagadwa yibaza icyo becka warimuzima abaye.

nyamara mukanya gato nawe yahise afatwa

neza bisa nibya becka.sibwo ikibazo kibaye


. Ndagirango ukrikire inkuru witonze,muma

doro nahandi abanyeshuri bari ikibazo bose

cyabagezeho ibyaramarozi bihinduka rusange

abana basigaye aribazima baba bake.Kumbe

imvano yabyose dore muri couisine ikiganiro

kirimo mubakwikwi(abatetsi) icyikango bose

cyarabafashe umwe abavamo azinga utwe

aratoroka asiga abwiye abandi ati"nziko

mbabereye igitambo ibinkoze bizatuma

mwemwitabwaho muhembwe neza"

arangije abandi bamukingira ikibaba aracika

undi murabo yafashwe nubwoba bwinshi ati"

twashutswe Bose bafatiwe icyarimwe!"undi

ati"humura byose bipanze neza"undi ati"wapi

kuko mukanya turakekwa!"bakiraho Directer

yageze mugikoni abafata bongorerana

ati"Ndashaka kumenya ibiryo abana

bariye"umwe mubakwikwi ati"Byose byabazwa

Gasimba kuko ubu ntakibarizwaha yatorotse"

yavugaga wa mukwikwi wacitse.arakomeza

ati"Yabikoze mwibanga twese ntawubizi

ngarashaka impinduka mukigo umukwikwi

akitabwaho"master ati"simbyumva mwese

mubirimo ingaruka zabyo murazimenya

haruwumaze gupfa!"

.master yarahavuye atanga itegeko ko abana

bose bafasashwe berekezwa kwa

muganga.ibyabakwikwi bikaza kwigwaho.

abakwikwi bo ubwoba bwakomeje kuba bwose

abandi bashaka gutoroka ariko undi

arabakomeza ati"muhumure ndabizi neza

mubana ntanumwe uzagupfa.ikindi uwabikoze

yagiye.biriya birikuba kubana nibiribumare

umwanya utanagera kwisaha bose bagasubira

bataraga.ndana bizeza ko ntanumwe

wakwirukanwa kuko byaba igisebo kukigo

humvikanye inkuru ngo Muri LYCE hatekewemo

ibiryo bihumanya abana.ubu mutuze muhakane

icyaha.murebe ko mudafatwa neze ibyo

gasimba yaharaniye bikagerwaho.!"

.Master we yahise ahamagaza private Docter

asuzuma.abana asanga baribahawe

ikiyobyabwenge cyomubwoko bwitwa

RECREATION DRUG gitera munda kuribw,ndetse

nokuruka.bikaba nyuma yamasaha hagati ya

10-48 bivuze ngo bagihawe mumugoroba

wariwabanje.Dr abizeza ko cure atanze

zizagukemura ikibazo kd ko abana bose

bazagukira ntampungenge.

kd koko niko byagenze kuko mumasaha yibya

nijoro abana benshi baribakize harimo becka

na chris.mugitondo kare abakwikwi bose


.Nyuma yikigikuba cyarigicitse kwishuri ibintu

byose byasubiye nkibisanzwe.amasomo

arakomeza.muriki gihembwe kd becka amaze

yo ameze2 mama we yatekereje

kumuusura.akazi yariyaragatangiye abarizwa

mubakozi ba IZARI.rwose byaragaraga koko

ntakibazo agifite byose abikesha Glad.ndetse

mukuza Glad yamuhaye lift amugeza ikigali

maze aza baganira.baramenyeranye bihagije

Glad ati"Mama.becka harikintu cyananiye.

mubyukuri ndumva kukikubwira

byamfasha."undi ati"nteze amatwi"

Glad ati"Nakunze umuntu nyamara nzi neza ko

we atankunda.nananiwe kumwivanamo asa

nuwanyibaburiyeho.!"Mama becka ati"ninde

nimuntu ki wakunze akakwanga nimukobwa


Glad ati"Nukuri ntibigutangaze kubona ari

becka umukobwa wawe!"Mama becka yarumiwe

ati"yeeh? wowe wakunze becka

arakwanga?"undi ati"Cyane pe?"Mama becka

ati"muhungu wange! akokazi kamparire!"Glad

aramwenyura ati"Nukuri ubishoboye

ukankundisha becka tukabana.wazahora

wishimira inyungu zuyumwanzuro

ufashe!"Mama becka ati"nakubwiye ntihumura

kd bimparire!"

.Bageze i kigali baratandukanye mama becka

yerekeza kukujya gusuhuza umwana we.ndetse

yaramukimbuye rwose.Becka yariya bimenye

kuko mamawe yamumenyesheje mbere yuko

aza.nawe abwira chris ko uwo arumwanya wa

wokumenyana na mama we!ibyishimo byari

byose.bidatinze mama becka arahagera ahabwa

umwanya aganira numwana we amubwira

kohahindutse byinshi,ko Cedric naBurno

umwaka utaha bazatangira kwigira

ubuntu.ndetse akaba afite akazi atakekaga muri

IZARI.becka yarishimye kuko byinshi byagenze

neza.ariko ntiyahisha nyina amakenga afite

kubwimpuhwe za gld washakiye mama we akazi

katarimurwego rwamashuri ye!nyina

yariyamenye ukuri ko glad akunda becka kd

becka atamukunda.maze ayomakenga ayatera


nuko Mamawe yenda gutaha ngasubire imuhira

becka yaramubwiye ati"buretse harumuntu

nshaka ko agusuhuza!"Chris araza ariko mama

becka arabakeka kobakundana.ntiyamwishimira

nyamara arenzaho araseka.ashatse kumenya

neza chris uwariwe becka nawe abitwara gake

amubwira ko arumunyeshuri mugenzi we

bisanzwe.mama becka nawe ntiyabitindaho

nubwo yabibonaga,ahubwo asigira becka

ibyamusigira arasezera arataha.

.Chris yagaragarije becka ko yishimiye mama

we umubyeyi mwiza kwisura kd ufite umutima

mwiza.Nyamara shenge mama becka we yagiye

ahonda agatoke kukandi ati"muzakundana

ntakiriho.nkiriho becka nuwa Glad,imana yi


kd nimugihe kuko glad kuriwe yaje arumutabazi

umwana wumutima mwiza.uretse nibyo

kandi,biroroshye guhitamo uwurwanirira hagati

yuwuzi nuwutazi.mama becka yarazi glad

akabariwe yiyumvamo.ntaho yarazi chris.

yumvaga ko Glad akwiye gukundana na

becka.atarukugwatiriza umukobwa we,ahubwo

yarasigaye afata glad nkumuntu ukomeye

wagira akamaro mu bihe birebire birimbere kd

becka akazabaho neza.bituma ataha intego afite

arugushyira muburyo urukundo rwa glad na

becka bagakundana.

Nyamara ntarakamenya kurukundo shenge

arinkintare mwishyamba.yo rutontomye bose

baratuza. ninkicyuma cyumutamenwa

ntawarwinjiramo ngaruyobore.niyo mpamvu

kwishuri aho becka yarari we na chris

rwakomeje kubatwara nkbasazi.nibyo kd koko

umunyenga warwo uraryoha.maze umusumwe

mumasaha yakabwibwi becka ruramutera

yibaza byinshi kuri chris amutekerezaho

biratinda,ruramuterura rumutereka

munzozi,atangira kurota adasinziye.yibona

yaremye umuryango we numukunzi,yibona

imbere yimbaga ayihamiriza ko azakunda chris

kugeza apfuye. yibona mwikanzu yumweru

dede ahagaze yemeza ko azabana na chris

mubyiza nibibi.ahamyako atazamuhemukira.

Yooooh urukundo shenge inzozi nziza nkizo

yumvaga yazihamiramo ariko amasha ya etude

ageze ajyana nabandi.nyamara yumvaga

atarihamwe,yumvaga rwose atameze neza

yibaza niba aruko urukundo ruryana.agacish

amo akibaza ati"ese ibi ndota umusi bitakunze

bizagenda bite?"

.Igihembae cyaricyegereje umusozo wacyo

ndetse anaricyo gufunga umwaka.binjira muri

periode yibizame ariko chris na becka biyumva

ukundi. harubwo bahuraga bakaganira

amagambo agashira ubundi bakarebana

gusa,ikibi micyabasabaga gutandukana.umw

anya wogutandukana wazanaga agahinda

gusa.burumwe muri bomi yibazaga uko

azabaho muribyo biruhuko atabona

undi,akumva igisubizo ntazi aho kizava.becka

yakurikiza uko yiyumva akabaza chris ati"Chris

urankunda koko?" chris nawe wakwibuka

ukuntu becka amukunda yamuzonze akumva

abuze ijambo rikwiye yatangamo

igisubizo.agaceceka akimyoza.

burumwe inkiki byaramugoraga kugisubiza

kuko yumvaga ko kibajijwe nkana.mubyukuri

barakundanye urukundo rwatangiye nkumuriro

ufatishwa nagakara gato rwaje gukura

ruhinduka itanura ritwika rigatokombeza ibyo


.Nyamara shenge ndagirango ukurikire inkuru

yose.uko hakuno mubana urukundo rwabaye

ikombe rugahinduka inkwekwe yenyegerezwa

mumutima yabo,Kurundi ruhande I butare

iwabo wa becka nyina na glad barafata

imbarigo zikomeye.Glad yaje yihuta mumasaha

yogusoza akazi.maze azasanga mama becka

yingika atakamba ati"Mama becka nukuri koko

niba ushima konkundana na becka ukaba

wumva bikwiye,ngiye kugusaba gukora ikintu

kimwe.nukunda ukagikora becka uraba

umushyize mubiganza byange!"Mama becka

ati"Icyatuma becka ahindukira mugakundana

niteguye kugikora ubutazicuza!".....NEXT PART

Olivier VIP

Last time Becca was back in school looking from Chris.

Did she find him?

Let us continue…

Becca arrived in school at dusk and she met her friend Teta first. They were missing each other so much! They didn’t take much time together because Becca left her right away and kept on looking for Chris. She wanted to make sure if Chris was also back in school because they agreed to arrive in the evening. When she was going, someone came from her back and raised her up. Becca turned around to find out who was that, and she saw Chris and they hugged tightly. Chris asked her to find a quiet place so they could talk. You could see love in their eyes and they couldn’t wait to talk to each other in a quiet place. They were so proud of each other. They found somewhere to sit and began to conversive.

Becca:  Chris, do you still love me?

Chris: (he smiled lovely at her and said) the answer is everywhere on me. Becca I have given you everything. I love you Becca! Let me tell you something you won’t believe from someone else. I love you and I can prove it in front of death!

Becca: Chris, I don’t want to bother you to prove how much you love. That’s not worth the talk. I trust you, and I believe in our love!

They just talked so much and of course they missed each other. In that evening many students kept on coming and it kind of turned into disorder and thereafter they bid each other a good night! That school term was wonderful for them; with such beautiful love and their relationship was then known in the entire school even the headmaster. It was the best couple in the school and they were given a lot of nicknames. One day headmaster invited them intending to know the purpose of that love everybody was obsessed with! They came in his office and he gave them seats.

Headmaster: (he asked Becca first) education is not all about teaching lessons in class but we also have to keep following up everything going on. So I want to ask you a few questions and I want you to answer clearly. (He continued asking until when he finally get to the point) Becca, do you have a boyfriend?

Becca: Yes, I do.

Headmaster: what’s his name?

Becca: Chris. He is right here!

Headmaster: (He smiled) Chris! Actually I knew the truth and I’m told that Vicky wanted to betray you because of Becca. Even though you are in love but you are still young. Your couple is known in the whole school. I appreciate that you didn’t hide anything and I would love to give you some advice. The way you love each other today, just keep it up and do not change until when you finish your studies and get married! When you have a quarrel and break up, just know that you will have wasted your time. Just know that you have been lying to each other. Love does not lie. I know you will face challenges through your love life but love without challenges does not make sense.  Your bodies will tempt you and that’s normal. You can always control yourselves like the way you control your anger. This way you can always be able to overcome such challenges.

He advised them and they assured him to follow his advice. He released them to go back to study. Obviously they had good time together in school, it seemed like their love had been approved by the school. Every couple wanted to drive love the same way! Chris asked Becca to visit him at home during that period and they both asked permission to go at Chris’.  They just went there and Chris did neither have father nor siblings. He was living with his mother only. Chris’ mother welcomed Becca and Chris did not hesitate to introduce her to his mother.

Chris: mom, this Becca, I don’t have doubts about the fact that she could be my future partner. I love her so much like the way you love me!

(Becca and his mother laughed out loud)  

Chris’ mother:  actually if you love her like the way a parent loves their child, that’s true love! However, love is a great war but if you care for each other with faithfulness and loyalty, your love will be successful! But if you hurt each other and take it for granted, you will hate each other and all of your courage will be in vain! Moreover, it will show that you have never loved each other before.

(She just advised them and gave them some space to talk)

Becca: why didn’t you tell me that you have no siblings?

Chris: of course I have friends but I know you talking about my real siblings. When I grew up I found myself with my mom only. My father was the army and he died in the war of liberation. So my mom told me that I was not born alone, my siblings died in the genocide and she stayed with me. That is why I live with my mom only.

Becca was not surprised because she knew what happened in their country. She promised him to be like his sister and to be right by his side day after day!

Chris: we can form a new family together!

It was time to go back to school and they bade Chris’ mom goodbye and left!

What happened?

Chris and Becca came back to school from Chris’s house, in the meantime, Glad was also at Becca’s house and he found no one there. He turned back as if he was leaving and met Becca’s mother. She came back with him and welcomed him in the house.

Glad: where were you going?

Becca’s mother: I was taking the identities of my sons to the district. There is an American organization wanting to sponsor them in schools. My sister registered their names there and they will pay for them until they finish their studies.

Glad: that’s good news! When will the organization start to pay for them?

Becca’s mother: next year, after this school term.

Glad: anyway do you have any occupation?

Becca’s mother: I have no job other than looking after these children and taking care of what Becca’s father left with me.

Glad: do you know how to read?

Becca’s mother: (she laughed) I know. I dropped out in secondary school, senior five.

Glad: that’s great! You are smart! I can find you a job in the organization I work for. I can help you to find a certain post, like store manager. You can make good money and it can help you solve different problems at home.

(She was very happy and she felt overwhelmed by his kindness. She kept on thanking him)

Glad: its okay, come tomorrow and see what we can do.

Back in school, Becca got sick and it became very serious. She was vomiting so much and all the school leaders came to the rescue and one of them said “she is poisoned and it is very serious. She might die very soon”.  When Chris heard about it, he was kind of fainted and he reminded himself of the food they ate at his home and he came to realize that they shared everything. He kept on thinking and he remembered that the neighbors were very happy for her and they wanted to entertain her into their homes. Again he remembered that when they were ready to leave, his mom gave her some milk and Chris did not drink that milk. Chris was trying to figure out if she ate poisoned food back at home. He was full of thoughts about what happened when they were visiting his mom and he was very frightened! All of a sudden, the school leaders contacted her parent to come and take her home….NEXT EPISODE  

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