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I am Helene Wieringa, CEO and founder of the dating website www.truelove-Heleneafrica.com. A while ago I went to Rwanda where I visited several places and have spoken to many Rwandan people. I really enjoyed my time there! Both the natural beauty and the people were amazing. The Rwandan received us warmly and hospitably. I have also spoken to many singles, people who have not found the love of their life yet, and people who were divorced or were  widows or widowers. After talking to these people, the idea to start a dating website occurred to me. In my home country, the Netherlands, dating websites have already been in existence for 20 years. Here, many people find their true love through online dating. A couple in my own family found each other 14 years ago through a dating site and have now been married for 12 years and have two beautiful daughters. All in all: dating websites are a very effective way of finding love in the Netherlands. I sincerely hope that it will work in Rwanda en other countries in East-Africa as well. Singles can sign up and meet each other, and hopefully get together in a successful relationship! My husband and I have been married  for 25 years. We have 3 children, and we are still happy with each other. We love each other, talk to each other a lot, argue a lot, laugh a lot and have fun with each other. We work together and each have their own business. I wish everyone a good relationship like this! Being alone can be nice, but being together is even better. This means you can get through everything together; through the good days and the bad. My wish for East-Africa is that many people find each other and eventually get married. When two people are happily together, this will also have a positive effect on their children and other people around them. I hope many beautiful love stories will start at www.truelove-africa.com. Find your perfect match!

I am Harm Jan Wieringa CFO from the dating website www.truelove-africa.com. In the Netherlands I am an entrepreneur and the owner of a H&Hmarketing and media company.. I fully support my wife Helene’s idea to start a high quality dating website in order to help forming serious relationships in East Africa. I myself have been married for 25 years and I can say that it is very nice to be a long-term relationship! A long-term relationship ensures trust, stability, a safe and secure home for yourself and your children, gives more financial security and makes your life more worthwile to your life because someone will be at your side trough the good times and the bad moments alike.

Dating website www.truelove-africa.com offers a way to quicly select singles based on your preferences due to its extensive selection options. This enables you to meet (online) (with people that share your interests. It can take make meeting others easier for busy or shy people, or people who have (too) high expectations of their future partner. Online dating is faster because you can select someone with equal interests who are also looking for a serious life partner. I therefore hope that Rwandans can overcome their timidity and consider online dating as a good alternative way to meet a life partner.
Because the site is well maintained by our moderators and only qualitatively good profiles are allowed, I actually consider the platform safer and more reliable than just an unknown street or pub. In summary:www.truelove-africa.com is a very good means to find a perfect match!


Hello guys! My name is NIYONGABIRE Olivier,
I am 22 year old. I am aOlivier Rwandan citizen. I have  been through different things since I was 18. I used to go to clubs many times, when I was in high school. It was a good time with entertainment shows. I could meet so many pretty girls. But to talk with them was difficult simply because I was extremely shy.

Now I got the point why I decided to work for dating site www.truelove-africa.com. It is only because I first realized that Rwandese are facing in dating process. I face the challenge. So from now, Truelove-africa is ranking above among the best. We help singles to find your perfect match on this website.

I met many singles throughout my country, in many villages and cities. It is a common problem. I want to motivate you singles to fall in love with whoever you want by dating online. You can ever meet a man and woman of your thoughts. Someone who can help you to build the new family of the future. Love is always wonderful if you love and trust each other. But love is terrible if you marry the man or woman whom you never think of all the time.

www.truelove-africa.com is the safest dating site because we check everything before it could get wrong, I believe in relationship online that strong love should be made effectively. This is also what is happening all over the world because people are mostly occupied and they never get enough time to date and make strong relationship. Our target is to help you get your destiny, have strong relationship and make fair. This is the big opportunity dating live on www.truelove-africa.com the chance for you!!

Hello friends!

My name is KABAGAMBE Honore, I’m 24 years old.
I was born in RwandaHonore and I live in Kigali. I am currently studying at a Rwandan university, Huye campus. I really want to explain why I decided to work for the dating website www.truelove-africa.com. I decided to do that because it is my dream to become someone who can inspire Rwandans to find their partners online. After observing how things went my country, I came to the realisation that there are a lot of single men and women. It is true that Rwanda is a developing country where many people are busy working to earn a living, businessmen and -women who never have a chance to have face to face conversations, and others who divorced or just too shy to approach others.

They can’t find their perfect match in real life simply because they are scared or shy. I am here to reassure and encourage everyone to leave their timidity behind by dating online on www.truelove-africa.com. It is no longer necessary to hide yourself or to be afraid, because it is very safe. It is possible to subscribe as a regular or as a VIP member because we offer both options at the website. We will help you to find someone special, the man or woman of your dreams, and we look forward to hearing from you if your date was successful.

Www.truelove-africa.com is the easiest way to date online, it doesn’t matter where you are or when you need it. I invite you to join our website and subscribe to www.truelove-africa.com. It is the first opportunity to date online in Rwanda. Our ambition is to help to help Rwandan people, whoever they are, to fall in love with someone special and eventually marry man or woman of their dreams. When you find your true love and you are getting married you can share your story on our website to inspire other people.

I wish you all safe and happy dating.  

Sincerely, Kabagambe Honore