Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join this website?

Click on 'join now for free' and fill in the form completely. After finishing the form, you are now a member of truelove-africa.com!

In this video we explain how to subscribe on our website.

2. How can I chat with people on this website?

You can chat with members by going to their profile. When you use the desktop version (computer and laptop): You can see a small white box with ‘chat’ in it under the profile photo. If you click on 'chat' then you can start a conversation.

In the mobile version: Go to the profile of the person you found interesting. Click on ‘send message’ and you can start the conversation.

Here we explain How to chat

3. How can I edit my profile? 

On the mobile version go to the top left corner and click on the three stripes. Scroll down and click on 'desktop version'. Go to your profile in the right top corner and click on 'edit profile'. Make your profile as personal as possible. The more you show your potential match your personality, the quicker your match will send you a message. You can ask a friend or family member to help write it.

How to edit your profile

4. My username is already taken, what must I do?

The system only allows one word to be your username. For example, instead of: user name. You have to write it as username. Another problem can be that your username is already used. Then you can try to add a number or another word. The system only accepts unique usernames.

Put a number behind your name, for example Olivier22.

5 How can I date on the website? 

You can start searching for your perfect match by clicking on the ‘search’ bar. Are you looking for a male, choose male. Are you looking for a female, select female. Then you can choose the nationality that you want you match to have. For example, if yourself are Ugandan, and you would like to have an Ugandan girl or boyfriend, write down Ugandan. The next questions on the page are about your perfect match. What kind of lifestyle would you prefer your match has? The last bar is about the age range your match can have. Click on ‘search’ and start searching!

You can send a friend request. Send a wink or chat with someone. Click on the chatbutton wich is at each photo. You can chat with different persons. Wich chat you like most? This is the person who is the most interested for you. 


First talk with your match to get to know each other. If you feel it is safe and a good person. Then first talk via a videocall. When this felt good, then you can start meeting each other in a public place.

6. How can I know all the features on this website?

Our admin explains in this video how you can use our website with all the features. 

7. How can I read the blogs, when I am using mobile version?

In this video we explain how you can go from the mobile version to the desktop version. And how you can read, comment and like the blogs. 


8. How must I subscribe to the dating website True Love Africa?

Look at those steps:

Welcome dear prospective member! Here are a few steps of how you can subscribe on www.truelove-africa.com. It’s very easy and effective now. You only click on “Join now” in the purple color… 

You fill in the form properly at this page, with a correct username and password, then select your gender and the gender you’re “looking for” thereafter you click on “continue” 

You will be given another page containing profile questions after clicking on continue, which you have also to fill in properly! Most questions should be filled in to create a good profile of yourself in order to make the matchmaking take place properly.

The list of profile questions seems to be a bit long, but you can keep scrolling down on phone or computer. I hope you understand all these steps—when you finish to fill in the profile questions, get down to the last three steps. Upload a nice photo of yourself from your computer or smartphone. A photo is very important because most people respond much less to a profile without a photograph.

Please make sure that the photo must not be up to 5MB.  Go down to the terms of use and tick in the box. Then enter the characters shown under "Captcha". If they are difficult to read, you can refresh the Captcha by clicking on the white "refresh sign" on the right. When you have done this, click on “JOIN” 
You will have to wait a bit for a message that tells you to send an email to confirm your account after clicking on Join. Click on the link in the email to verify your email. Then you have to wait a while until the moderator has approved your application. We have built in these additional steps to ensure a safe online dating surroundings for all participants.
Then you can start and use all website functionalities in accordance with your subscription type. Have fun and enjoy! 
If you still have problems or questions you can look at the FAQ’s or email to website@truelove-africa.com. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.
After clicking on join you will be given this last page whereby, you will have to click on the “SEND” button to receive an e-mail in your inbox with a confirmation code. The next job will be for our MODERATORS to confirm your account. After that you can enjoy the website!  

You will receive this verification e-mail, see below.  To confirm click on “clicking here”. If this link does not work, please copy the code below the e-mail at the verification page.


When your account is approved  You receive these emails. Now you can use the dating website!