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Singles who are looking for a serious relationship are welcome to our dating website. We are the largest and safest dating website of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania for singles living in these countries and for Rwandans, Tanzanians, Kenyans or Ugandans living outside of their country.

You meet the kindest, nicest and most interesting singles at our online dating platform!

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Online dating in East Africa

Our dating website is fun and exciting! You meet singles who also would like to be in a relationship by chatting and dating online. You can make your profile more personal by adding a photo and by answering the profile questions. If you want your online dating to be successful, it might be good to do that in a way that makes people curious about you and want to get in touch with you. Singles can register as a Regular or a VIP member.


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Olivier VIP
Men be a real man in your life and relationship. ... more
Olivier Jun 25 '20
Olivier VIP
Duheruka Becka ashyirwa mumodoka atazi arajyanw... more
Olivier Jun 22 '20
Olivier VIP
Last time Becca was going back at home yet she wa... more
Olivier Jun 16 '20

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For me , I think it's for decison, ... More
Deacon250 Dec 22 '20
Deacon250 Free
I love who recognize me, in every way, and... More
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What makes real man seem like unique ?
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